Choice Awareness Training exercises (continued)

Choice Awareness Training is designed to leverage a greater sense of freedom-to-change, to awaken the living zombie, to facilitate change-process (see a more detailed description of Choice Awareness Training in Make a Choice When It Doesn’t Matter and Open Your Hand to Open Your Mind and Circle of Choice).

Exercise: Enso – Choice Awareness Calligraphy

(if new to this post-series, check Circle of Choice first)

Jung wrote: “It is not that something different is seen, but that one sees differently” (1958, p. 546).  Enso is “zen” for “moon circle.”  The moon circle, in Zen Buddhism, is a symbol of enlightenment and is a frequent subject of calligraphy (Austin, 2001). 

“In the hand of the enlightened person, brushwork transforms into brushplay” (p.  577).  I invite you to practice choice awareness calligraphy.  Try drawing a circle with one “easy sweep.”

Unlike in the circle-drawing exercises, choose not to choose.  That too is a choice.

Make one “easy sweep” and accept the outcome of your calligraphy for what it is, regardless of whether your enso is full moon or half-moon.


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