Reality-check yourself with the following questions: 

  • How many realities are there right now?  One, two, none?
  • Is there just what is or is there something else there (on top of what is, in addition to what is)?
  • In this moment right now, is there one and only reality or does it come with a backpack of potential and fiction?
  • There you are, right?  Right.  Now, what about this ‘potential you’ that you think you can also be right now?  Where’s that one?
  • Where is your potential right now?  Show it to yourself!
  • What’s the difference between ‘potential’ and ‘possible’ and ‘hypothetical’ and ‘imaginary’?
  • As you look back at the history of facts, do you see any history of potential as well? 
  • Does reality short-change? Do you?

Check reality before you live it.  Certainly, before you judge it (yourself, included).

Enjoy all that is.  If “all that is” isn’t enough for you, what would be?


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