Words are for communication. When you are alone, there is no need for words. A wordless mind is a different mind. Try it. Take a language fast: isolate yourself for a day, kill the TV, keep mum, and avoid reading or writing.

Without words, the mind is without its usual tools of distinction. Each word, after all, means something; each word defines, delineates, denotes, describes, divides and edits the Suchness of what is.

Live a day in this spacious wordlessness. See what emerges. Notice how all these comparative notions of perfection and excellence phase out. In a state of wordless awareness, there is nothing to prove or disprove.

Instead of craving existence we begin noticing that we already exist. Instead of chasing ideals, we notice the reality. Speechless, we begin to feel in awe.

the domino effect of your words
back to the Original Silence –
To a moment
before your Mind
created the word “mind.”