“Nature which governs the whole will soon change all things which you see, and out of their substance will make other things, and again other things from the substance of them, in order that the world may be ever new.  […] Wipe out the imagination.  Stop the pulling of the strings.  Confine yourself to the present.”

This imperial thought belongs to Marcus Aurelius, once a Roman emperor.   What’s he now?  Whatever nature changed him into…

Let go of pulling nature’s strings (at least, now and then).  Wipe out all these imaginary distinctions between what theoretically should be and what practically is.  There is but one and only one reality of the present: confine yourself to living your life in real time.  In other words, do the time.


Time is fascinating.  I’ve been interested in time perception since way, way back, probably since I was a kid.  In 2000, I had a chance to defend a dissertation on the interplay of time perception and our experience of pain.

Present Perfect curriculum for overcoming perfectionism includes ideas on how to cultivate a healthier relationship with time.  Here’s a link of possible interest: