Dear readers, I’d like to bring a couple of new books (that I’ve had a recent privilege to review) to your summer-time reading attention:

Mindfulness Code by Donald Altman

There are books about mindfulness as a technique for solving this or that problem. And then there are books that unpack the bigger-picture treasures of mindfulness as a worldview. The Mindfulness Code is an open-source secret of mindful living, a compassionate invitation to infuse mindfulness into every aspect of one’s life.

In offering a set of four “keys” for overcoming suffering, Altman, remains an ever skillful locksmith, narrating an innovative existential map with the help of teachings, inspirations, clinical vignettes, personal revelations, and ready-to-use techniques. 

The Next Ten Minutes by Andrew Peterson

Mind is an ancient nomad, not unlike a restless leg that itches to do something different, to go some place new.  Andrew Peterson, a self-admittedly restless mind himself with a penchant for long runs, has just the trip itinerary: a wealth of wildly-exotic, mind-blowing, scene-changing, awareness-building, and habit-modifying 10 minute long walkabouts.

Richly creative, compassionately narrated, and brilliantly processed, each unique experiential exercise is a spoke on a wheel designed to bring you back to a grounding sense of self.  Andrew Peterson takes your mind on a transformative walk.  Are you coming, mind?

So, if you have 10 or so bucks to spend on yourself, I heartily recommend either or both of these two gems.  Be well!