Sometimes we feel that something comes over us.  The mind changes, and we feel that we change too.  But do we?

Fill a glass with water.  Wait until the water settles, then stir it up with your finger.  Watch the waves of the vortex warp the surface.  Now sit back and watch the water clean itself of all these wave-forms.  What you are witnessing is a process of self-cleaning. 

Recognize that your consciousness works the same way.  Notice that while it certainly takes time for informational ripples to fade out, they always do.  Recognize that no matter what you’ve ruminated over or worried about in your life, no matter how long that song was stuck in your head, eventually all those thoughts (images, feelings, sensations, memories) dissolved back into the surface of your consciousness.

Indeed, there has never been a thought (mind form) that didn’t go away!

Knowing this, recognize that you don’t have to be afraid of your mind forms any more than a lake has to fear the waves on its surface or the lotus has to fear the morning dew.


Reflections in the Lotus Pond