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Archives for July, 2010 - Page 2

4 Types of Perfectionism

As I see it there are 4 types of perfectionism:

Neurotic Perfectionism
Narcissistic Perfectionism
Principled (Puritanical) Perfectionism
Hyper-Attentive (Compensatory) Perfectionism

The first three of these are essentially “software” problems.  The solution to “software-type” perfectionism is “re-programming.”  The Hyper-Attentive type of perfectionism is a “hardware” (brain) issue.   
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Summer Mindfulness Reads

Dear readers, I'd like to bring a couple of new books (that I’ve had a recent privilege to review) to your summer-time reading attention:

Mindfulness Code by Donald Altman

There are books about mindfulness as a technique for solving this or that problem. And then there are books that unpack the bigger-picture treasures of mindfulness as a worldview. The Mindfulness Code is an open-source secret of mindful living, a compassionate invitation to infuse mindfulness into every aspect of one’s life.

In offering a set of...
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