As a perfectionist, you’ve been living the life of the Absurd.  Having uncritically embraced the common-place notion that perfection is unattainable, you have been after a paradoxical goal of trying to achieve that which, by definition, is impossible to achieve.  And in so doing, you have been committing an existential suicide of mostly doing, doing, and doing and hardly ever being, of seldom living long enough in the present moment to realize that you have been caught up in an ever-tightening feedback loop of self-imposed expectations.

As a perfectionist, you have been living a life of abstraction, in a never-ceasing comparison of the real and the ideal, tragically oblivious to the rather concrete and undeniable fact that you are, have been and always will be doing your very practical best; that you are, have been and always will be (as long as you are alive) perfectly imperfect. 

As a perfectionist, you’ve taken your cultural definition of perfection (as something-unattainable-yet-somehow-worthy-of-pursuit) and you have tried to live off this nonsense with the best of your patience.  I am sorry: you’ve spent your life faithfully fighting on the side of the Absurd against the non-existent enemy of the Abstract.

What do I possibly mean by these enigmatic proclamations?!  Only one thing-less thing – (Ludwig Wittgenstein said it well) – “the world is all that is the case.” The rest is the war of abstractions.