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Archives for July, 2010


The picture of the universe shifts from tongue to tongue.
Stuart Chase
Consider a soap bubble on a sunny day: what color is it?  It depends, right?  On what?  On the angle of view.

Certainty is an impasse.  Reality is rarely (if ever!) either "this"...
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Cutting the Costs of Perfectionism

Perfectionism isn't cheap.  In fact, it is existentially unaffordable.  Here's a review of these costs and of the possible ways of cutting them, with the help of an existential self-rehab.

Perfectionism is a Psychological Liability

Flett and Hewitt (2002) write: “perfectionists are more likely than nonperfectionists to experience various kinds of stress” (p. 257) and list four perfectionism-specific mechanisms that contribute to and exacerbate stress:
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What's Eating You, Perfectionist?

Perfectionist is Not Obsessed with Perfection

Non-perfectionists frequently misunderstand perfectionists as being obsessed with perfection.  The very term “perfectionist” implies an obsession with perfection, an obsessive pursuit of perfection.  But, strangely, it is not so!  Perfectionism, more often than not, isn’t about the pursuit of...
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