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Cash Relief

The July/August issue of “Discover” reports: “Hurting?  Get your hands on some cash: psychologists report that handling money diminishes the perception of physical pain.  Even just counting someone else’s bills will do the trick.”

Hmm…  This little bit of psychological “good news” is offered without...
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Threshold of Reflection

Teilhard de Chardin, who in 1925 coined the term noosphere “to denote the sphere of mind,” (1) offers this on Threshold of Reflection:

“Reflection is, as the word indicates, the power acquired by a consciousness to turn in upon itself, to take possession of itself as of an object endowed with its own particular consistence and value: no longer merely to know, but to know oneself; no longer merely to know, but to know that one knows.  By this individualization of...
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Aiming Your Mind One Intent at a Time

Re: 30 Days of Intentions

The words “goal” and “intention/intent” are kin but not twins. The etymology of these words tells the story of their similarity and their difference.

Goal: "end point of a race," from Old English word gal "obstacle, barrier," related to the verb gælan "to hinder." ().

Intent/Intention: from Old French entencion "stretching, intensity, will, thought," from Latin verb intendere "stretch out, lean toward, strain" ().

As you see, the word “goal” is an outcome-word. You score a goal. You hit a...
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