Feng shui is the art of creating an optimal living space that is in harmony with its natural setting. Here’s an exercise for you to try in the spirit of feng shui tradition: create an optimal eating space that is uncluttered enough to accomodate your eating mind.

Clean off the table before you sit down to eat. Remove any reading matter. The less there is on the table not directly related to your eating, the more room there is for your mind to focus on the food.

If the strategy of distraction-proofing isn’t to your liking, create an eating space by selecting objects that would cue you to eat mindfully. One way to approach this is by selecting mindfulness-inspiring tableware. The idea of mindfulness as a meditative technology comes from the East. Therefore, you could try using Asian or Asian-inspired tableware as a cultural cue to get into a contemplative state of mind.

If you are fortunate enough (logistically) to have a spare room, consider the following experiment: set up your own eating room. If possible, move everything out of this spare room, except for a table and a chair. Serve yourself a meal in this eating space. Be your own company.