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10 Skill-sets of Mindful Eating

360 of Mindful Eating Know-How (p.somov, ph.d. 2009)There is more to mindful eating know-how than just paying attention and chewing ten times.  This diagram shows 10 different skill sets that I consider to constitute fully conscious, mindful eating.  These are: craving control, trigger control, hunger recognition, fullness recognition, mindful emotional eating, mindful social eating, philosophy of eating, process focus, satiety extension, and appetite control skills.  Note: each skill is really a skill-set consisting of sub-skills.  For example, craving control consists of such specific craving control skills as distraction, relaxation, self-talk, mindfulness and several combinations thereof.

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Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

10 Skill-sets of Mindful Eating



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