Back-to-School Dilemma – a Modest Proposal

My "modest" proposal for the back-to-school dilemma: Why not pay parents for homeschooling during Covid? Have them take online crash course in pedagogics (etc) & give the unemployed a home-based job opportunity as teachers' aids (to home-school in tandem with remote learning), thus extending and capitalizing on the federal stimulus payments & minimizing unnecessary Covid exposure.

I understand the argument that kids need socialization with peers, but, as i see it, the school experience will...

An Epidemic of Restlessness

I know you are busy, perhaps, even busier than you should be, so I am not going to bend your ear for too long.  A quick little point for you to consider: a permission to rest makes all the difference between restlessness and restfulness....


Ego Sustainability and Climate Consciousness

The world is not on fire yet – let’s not catastrophize – but, yes, it is getting hotter. And the “woke” new generation is trying to wake the rest of us. That is commendable and to be applauded.

On the drive from work NPR show “Science Friday” was having a segment about the fashion industry and what, if anything, it is doing to become more sustainable. The topic is well chosen: the young generation – that...


White Noise

I lay down on my bed and close my eyes. There is a faint white noise emanating from somewhere in the house. I choose it as my somatic/meditative anchor. I know that my ears are still receiving this signal but I "hear" it only intermittently, as my mind tunes in and out of reality. I observe this. I know (from past experience) that it...


7 Habits of Existentially Vibrant Living

The following are the seven habits that, in my opinion, comprise the basis of existentially vibrant living:

(1)   the habit of making one’s own meaning (instead of "looking for it")

(2)   the habit of accepting reality "as is" (put differently, the habit of "noticing ordinary perfection")

(3)   the habit of being present in the moment

(4)   the habit of making conscious choices (which helps you de-program and re-program your life at will)

(5)   the habit of self-acceptance/self-compassion

(6)   the habit of accepting...


Never Better Than Now

What is ordinary perfection?

This morning I'll let Walt Whitman make my point:
There was never any more inception than there is now.
Nor any more youth or age than there is now,
And will never be any more perfection than there is now.

Ordinary perfection is when we stop comparing "what is" with "what should be" and we notice "what is" in all its perfectly imperfect suchness.

So, I'll answer my original question (of "What is ordinary perfection?") with a counter-question:...


A Deeper “Why?”

Jung, in The Red Book, says: "You find yourself in your desire, so do not say that desire is vain." He is right: desire isn't just vain, desire is informative.

360 of Compassion

Inner Jungle, Inner Peace

Assume that everyone you meet is drunk, afraid and armed.

This is not a formula for paranoia. This is a formula for compassion.

Everyone is drunk with their subjective view of reality. Everyone is afraid (on some level) of being (profoundly) wrong about their view of reality. And everyone is armed with anger.

If you can, now and then, help minds you meet see that there has never been and never will be such thing as objectivity (mind...


Koans of Uncertainty as an Antidote to Perfectionistic Insistence on Knowing What’s What

Psychologically speaking, koans are a unique way to inoculate a human mind to the anxiety of uncertainty. When we encounter uncertainty, we are stumped. Uncertainty frustrates us with its enigmatic nonsense. Koans, in their unanswerable quality, effectively simulate such moments of uncertainty.

Author Hee-Jin Kim explains: koans are “realized, not solved” (1975, 101). Admittedly, this explanation is a bit of a puzzle itself. But here’s how I make sense of it. A koan,...


Life at a Slower Shutter Speed of Mind

I have recently returned from a trip to Australia, my second trip Down Under, teaching various clinical applications of mindfulness to mental health professionals.  I love this exotic continent and, when asked, I eagerly share my impressions with, what I think, is infectious enthusiasm.  But the other day I thought to myself: "How certain am I of my impressions?  How confident am I that my subjective experience of this land would be in any way...