Faith Image with Angel Wings

“To live in faith that the whole world is on your side so long as you are true to the best that is in you.”      ~ Christian D. Larson

I recently had a conversation with my uncle about faith. He grew-up as the son of a Methodist Minister. His father had a deep, faithful belief for God. My uncle, on the other hand, doesn’t believe there is a God and questions having any faith at all. He saw members of the Church treat his father with horrible disdain and betrayal that it turned him off from the Church all together.

Church members would wear their Sunday finest and then turn around and say horrible things about his father. They wouldn’t even wait until Monday morning to “turn-off” their Church going personae.

It’s sad to think Churchgoers would act two-faced. It’s understandable how my uncle would question his faith and belief in a God.

My recent conversation got me thinking about faith. Faith is usually a religious word. Many times faith and belief are interchangeable. In the German language, faith and belief share one word, Glauben.

Faith can also reference somebody or something. It takes a leap of faith to have trust in someone or something. We’ve all experienced disappointment after relying on someone or asking for something and then is without evident.

Faith involves power. Power comes from knowing thyself. It is important to recognize when past disappointments effect the present. Holding onto the past through resentment and fear makes doom and disaster a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whenever you have doubt – whether in your partner, a friend, or faith in general – it’s important to acknowledge your fears, your beliefs, and attitudes. The more you attune to your emotions, the more curious you can become, and then you can ask more questions.

It may take a leap of faith to assume the best. It may require a deep belief that you will be guided at the right time toward the next right action. The only way we can integrate past experience is with right action. Right action comes from a place of power, self-awareness. It may not always be at the time we desire but it comes at the right time.

As we slow-down to listen inward, we realize the right action and then do it with an open heart and with the knowledge and belief that the solutions to our problems are out there.

Life is an invitation: When we invite the right path for us, the right solutions for us, the right partners for us, we are then able to act from a place of centeredness and power. We no longer react from experiences from the past. We are grounded in the present to know thyself and act from a place of love and not fear.

Life is a process. When we practice what we learn and observe with intentionality and dedication, regardless of the results we are getting just now, we are acting with faith and trusting the process.

Life gives us the opportunity to observe our experience and make thoughtful choices rather than thoughtless reactions. We do so with the faith that eventually a psychologically mature pathway will emerge.

Faith demands that we let go of impatiently measuring results. It requires full participation. You can’t make the miracle happen by yourself, but you must show up to take the next right action. Have faith that there is a heart-affirming reason for all hurt and rejection, and do not let sorrow keep you from partaking of life and love with an open heart and mind.

Here are some questions to ponder.

  1. What is your faith in people, in life, in God?
  2. How have you handled disappointments in the past?
  3. If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, what single right action can you take right now to move closer to your heart’s desire?

Here is an exercise to help heal and let go of disappointments.

While seated or standing, notice your bodily posture and energy. Now watchfully rouse the biggest disappointments in your life. As you carefully bring about regrets, observe the energy flow in your body.

Now visualize and sense the release of any energy blocks. Take in a deep breath and breathe in calm and comfort, and then exhale all fears, disappointments, and despairs.

Allow your body to restore itself and adjust back to its starting position and state of mind.

Next activate your greatest achievements and breakthroughs. Notice the effect of these thoughts and feelings on your body.

Step into fear and take a leap of faith. Let your body return to this dignified state often throughout the day.