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The Power of Creative Visualization

Creative visualization plays an integral role in our success. Professionals and laymen alike use the creative process in the fields of business, the creative arts, health, sports, and in every aspect of your life. Visualization is a powerful tool that acts as a change agent.

Professional runners use it to mentally prepare crossing the finish line first. Public speakers use it as a way to prepare their speech and the reception from their audience. Entrepreneurs use visualization to bring to life their next start-up. It’s a great instrument for reaching personal goals and professional achievements.

Visualization is using the power of your imagination to create a mental image or feeling sense of an idea you wish to manifest. It is a type of perceptual programming.

The mental picture is projected on the subconscious mind. With continued focus and positive energy, the vision is accepted by the subconscious. Eventually you begin to view the world through the mental projection and you start thinking and acting in accordance with the idea until it is achieved.

Creative visualization can have a positive impact in every area of your life and on every level – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. You can use it to bring relief to chronic pain, or imagine yourself in a new home, or having a satisfying relationship, or with a new job, or feeling calm and at peace. You might picture yourself with improved memory and learning ability, handling a difficult situation effortlessly, or simply seeing yourself with radiant, glowing energy and content with being.

Steps for Effective Creative Visualization

1. Relax and Open Your Mind

Begin by closing your eyes. Take several long, deep breaths. Give yourself permission to relax. Allow your mind to wander, to play, and to imagine wondrous possibilities. Piece together different variables and examine different solutions.

2. Set Your Goal

Choose something you’d like to change in your life. Begin with something easy and you feel is plausible in the near future. Starting small gives you a positive experience to believe in the process of creative visualization and negates any resistance in yourself.

When you have more practice and experience, you can tackle increasingly more complicated or challenging problems.

3. Test Your Idea

Play with different possibilities, obstacles, and how you’d handle them. You may want to create a physical picture. Create several examining different obstacles and solutions. Have fun with the process.

4. Launch

Put your creative piece of your goal in a place you see often. Make room for quiet meditation periods and for casual and positive thoughts of your goal. Make the mental image become an integrated part of your daily life. It’s important not to attach heavily to the idea that it weighs you down or causes you stress. To reap the most from your goal, it’s important to have clear yet steady and relaxed focus with detachment.

5. Affirmations and Positive Energy

An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that your goal is present in the here and now. As you focus on your aim, think positively and with encouragement. Let go of any disbeliefs or doubts at least for the moment.

6. Create a Sensory Experience

The five senses — sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell provide a full sensory experience of your goal. Visualization is even more powerful when you add your senses.

For example, in professional track a runner can visualize running faster than ever before, taking each stride with athletic ease, jumping any hurdles, avoiding any falls, run-ins, or injuries and finally whipping the ribbon with his chest as he crosses the finish line first.

He can feel the pavement beneath his feet as he glides and bounces forward with tremendous strength, agility, and ease. He can taste the salty sweat from his brow, smell the rubber pavement, grass inside the field track, and hear the cheer of the crowd.

The full sensory experience is the mental training just as essential as the physical preparation to win the race.

There are many opportunities and endless possibilities. When we have a strong desire to accomplish a particular goal, using creative visualization, focusing on it often, and giving it positive energy attracts people that can help in the journey. As positive momentum manifests, our minds open. We see opportunities, acknowledge them, and then we have the courage to take action.

The Power of Creative Visualization


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