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7 Tips to Control Anger

Anger can range from mild irritation to out-of-control rage.

When anger is managed well, it can provide a healthy release, a motivator for change, or a self-empowering strategy.  Anger also is a protectant from underlying feelings of pain, fear, guilt, or shame.  It is a normal human response, an indicator of hurt, and promoter of transformation.

When anger reaches an elevated state, the pre-frontal cortex, the thinking part of the brain is...
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How to Soothe Fears and Worries

We all have worries and fears. They can easily disempower us and keep us stuck. I witness it with myself and with people who enter my office. Falling into the trap of worry and fear doesn’t have to be the default.

Here is an example of how I worked through some of the fears with, Susan, a pseudo name of a person who came to see me in my office.

Susan began the session sharing worries, doubts,...
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