Just a few short months ago, I was sitting in a recliner, letting the days pass me by.

I would sit in the same position, day in and day out, staring blankly into space, and I would wonder why?

Why was I alive? Why did I exist? And what was the point of it all?

Most days, I slept until 3PM and spent most nights lying awake in the darkness of my room.


But something I didn’t realize was happening, is that my muscles were slowly being deconditioned.

Eventually, I needed physical therapy, because I sat for six months, with very little physical activity.

I was in a dark place, mentally, and my body paid the price.

But the human body is resilient. The human mind is just as resilient, and I am now in the midst of my recovery process.

I had almost no flexibility in my back and legs, I couldn’t jump from a ledge just two feet off the ground, I couldn’t kneel to the ground to pet my dog, and I couldn’t squat or run.

After just 6 weeks of PT, I was doing all of these things, and after 2 months of regular exercise, my depression has lifted and I am in recovery. Physical Therapy was a part of the process that saved me from that dark place I was in.

It took six weeks of Physical Therapy, a lot of support from the people around me, visits to doctors and therapists, and medication, but I’m getting better. 

I never would have thought I would be going to Physical Therapy to rehabilitate my body, as a result of where my mind took me.

Photo by adammcguffie