Recovering from Name Calling and Bullying

This beautiful painting hangs over my kitchen sink. The painter was a death row inmate who turned his life around through yoga and meditation (although this didn't prevent his sentence from being carried out). His beautiful portrait of love and hope has been a great comfort to me over the years, and never more than now.

A few nights ago, my next door neighbor called me a "prude."

While I was pretty sure this wasn't the...
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The Night I Still Don’t Want to Remember (& why I’m telling you this now)

A few days ago I walked outside one morning to find this mama yellow jacket wasp hard at work on her nest. I was spellbound watching her oh-so-carefully crafting tiny coverings for each tiny nest cubicle. Our intimate up-close-and-personal connection made me temporarily forget the scar on my thigh from where I was stung by an angry mama yellow jacket wasp two years ago, and how I promised myself never to make that same mistake again. 

Sexual assault. Rape. Child...
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Where Does It Hurt? Everywhere.

Mentoring has been my life for the past 3 decades, and I love that today, I see daily signs that mentoring is everywhere.

In my last blog post, I shared about a very personal process of closure I am still walking through right now.

MentorCONNECT, the global nonprofit that consumed so much of the past 9 years of my life (and truly, the two decades preceding those), is suddenly no more.

Or it is no...
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Personal Thoughts on Completing the Cycle

MentorCONNECT. To me, you will always be a gleam in your founder's eye.

This week, something big happened.

Something I created, built, lavished with love and care (not to mention most of my time and cash) and then parted ways with - the better to give it the freedom to grow on its own - grew in a way I wasn't expecting.

Specifically, back in 2009, I founded a nonprofit organization called MentorCONNECT. We had...
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Is the Life I Am Living “Good Enough?”

"Broccoli face," one of the many micro-moments in my private, quiet daily life that makes it all worth feel so very worthwhile.

Oh boy oh boy.

A dear Facebook friend just sent me this awesome article.

The gist of the post is simply this: what if I don't want to make an impact/achieve more/be excellent/conquer the world?

What if I just want to , simply, calmly, as I am?

Is that "good enough?" Is it...
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Celebrity Mentors

A Hula Hoop Teaches Me About Healing

My baby tortoise, Malti, "helps" me with at-home resistance band training.

For some reason, from about mid-December through the first part of each new year, I always seem to be battling one kind of ick or another.

Recently, upon hearing that I had contracted yet another infection, a long-time close friend commented that she can imagine all the germs lining up, cheering, "Let's all go visit Shannon! Yay!"

NOT funny.

Even less funny - many of the...
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My Third Lesson in Sufficiency

My motivation for getting out of bed today.

So I've been totally under the weather this week. Again.


It's the same respiratory ick that dogged my footsteps (or rather, my sinuses) all during December, and apparently it's back for more of me.

As I've dragged myself from one end of my tiny casa to the other, mostly in service to cleaning certain family members' habitats or moving favorite comfy pillows from bed to...
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