Movie Mentors

What Happens When We Die

If you, like me, enjoy hearing what other people think happens when we die (but prefer not to have to ask them this question yourself) this may be a good film choice.

I don't know (just in case you were wondering).

In fact, I have no idea what happens.

However, intriguingly, I am not in as large of a majority here as I once thought.

As this is my 46th year of life, certainly it crosses...
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Good News

It is Time for Sufficiency

My feathery sidekick, Pearl, making sure his belly is full of enough breakfast.
All my life I have felt the pinch of scarcity.
Scarcity - the sensation of not having "enough," has long served as a sort of theme song that would begin playing again automatically anytime I permitted my efforts to flag in any area of my life.

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I Want To Be Happy (Happy Birthday to Me)

The guest of honor for yet another birthday

Today I am turning 46.


It's not every year a person turns 46, and it won't happen twice.

All of which means I'm pretty excited about it (oh, and also about the large and delicious chocolate birthday cake that is rumored to be putting in an appearance later today).

But what excites me more than turning 46 itself is how every year when...
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