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Mentoring One Moment at a Time

Mentoring, like life, happens one moment at a time.

Sounds like a cliche, right?

That, as I am finding out, is exactly the problem.

I live in a world surrounded by technology I barely understand, that moves much faster than I do, and never sleeps (which basically amounts to the ultimate “hmmm”, considering I now serve as Executive Director for a web-based mentoring community!)

The fact is that technology, unlike human beings, doesn’t take one step at a time, it takes many steps. Technology doesn’t happen one moment at a time, it lumps many moments into one.

Which I think is why, with more ways to stay connected than ever before, there are many days that the opportunity for connection can start to feel almost intrusive rather than nurturing.

One thought on “Mentoring One Moment at a Time

  • October 11, 2010 at 11:56 pm


    I would like share a bit about my fight with anxiety and depression.

    It seemed like my whole life I’ve had to fight for my freedom of my choice. The constant ridicule, bullying, harassment, manipulation and battling control freaks and corruption seem relentless and futile and unfair. I soon found myself living a life everyone else wanted me to. This of course lead me to dealing with the unhappiness in the unusual socially acceptable way… drinking etc..

    After a while this was not a fix and started to make it even harder. I also found a santuary in Martial Arts which I still do today I do wonder why I now have the skill to take on 3 or 4 men comfortably in self defense. The drinking subsided and I had found my place. The workplace bullying etc also subsided for a while this was only temporary. They started again I realized they must have truly more problems than me to taunt a Martial arts a good one at that. Work pressures set me drinking again.

    It took a few kinda break downs to realize I needed to sort this out or end up being one of the various statistics or facilitating that the fate of others.

    With the help of and experienced psychologist we worked an attack plan. The main thing that worked for me (allowed me to breath) was to get yourself away from these people. (You can’t change the world it is hell)I now have the strength and fortitude to follow my dreams and don’t care a hoot if I fail… As long as I can maintain my direction.

    I now watch the crazy and scared (bullies) sheep bleet, but heads and run in circles and the other part of the flock follow each other off the end of the cliff. While I sit in wonder and dream my piece of the paddock into existence.


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