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Loving What Is, Take 2

A few posts ago, a reader named Karl asked a most excellent question about an experience I shared from my attendance last month at Byron Katie’s School for the Work.

Here it is, for those of you who may have missed it:

Hi Shannon, one observation about the above post: it seems to me that to say that what is “should be” is an interpretation that is added to reality. For instance, if an earthquake happens and people die, do you just rejoice in it and go, “Great! People are dying!!” Is that loving what is?? It seems to me that loving what is means taking appropriate action when life demands it. Some of BK’s [Byron Katie’s] concepts just occur as very confusing for me and I’m trying to understand.

We also had several caring readers post wonderful responses, so just take this for what it may or may not be worth – my 2 cents as a School for the Work rank beginner, and coming simply from remembering Katie’s own words on this very subject.

When I arrived at the School, I had no idea what to expect. I had seen Katie speak all of once, for a good solid hour, and was flying in on fumes of fear and hope. I had arrived bearing a particular struggle in tow (as had many of the attendees, I later learned), and was there because – quite frankly – nothing else I had tried to fix it had worked.

I couldn’t meditate it away. Chant it away. Volunteer it away.

I couldn’t distract it with a new toy. A glass of wine. Or a new friend.

It simply preferred my company over all else, and would. not. leave. me. be.

I was hoping maybe Katie could hel


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