2 thoughts on “Are You Doing It Right? Yes!

  • October 24, 2018 at 2:54 am

    Hi Shannon,
    It is a relief to me when someone tells me I am doing something well, made a good choice etc. If I am feeling especially stressed or fearful about something, it is comforting and reassuring when someone I trust says “It’s going to be okay, it will all work out” and I breathe in this feeling of calm. I can sometimes do that for myself, but it always helps to hear someone else thinks you are on the right track too LOL!
    I spent the past ten days incredibly stressed and second guessing myself over a decision. I made the choice so one would think that acting on it would be easy but for me, it was/is anything but!
    I have wanted to try and return to the workforce, hoping to eventually get off disability. On a whim a few weeks ago, I applied for a job in an industry I am VERY familiar with. I put it out of my mind. Two days later on a Monday I got a call asking for an interview which I agreed to (Cue the anxiety attacks!). Go to interview, it went “okay” in my estimation but I must have underestimated because I was offered a job on the spot pending background check which I knew would be fine anyway.
    Had planned to start a week ago. Then I got sick. Sick as in zero energy, sore throat, feeling like I am coughing up a lung and epic fatigue. So despite the fact that it’s only a part time seasonal position, I postponed my start date until I could stay in an upright position for longer than 2 hours at a time. I started Monday and spent the entire weekend prior sick with anxiety and panic attacks, feeling like I WANT this so WHY am I freaking out?
    I spent the entire 5.5 hours yesterday in the office on a computer doing training videos and quizzes on a variety of topics such as: attendance, workplace safety, ethics and integrity, sexual harassment, fire/medical/missing child emergencies, hazardous materials, and active shooters. Then after, I had to catch the bus home but stopped at the grocery store first which lengthened my already long day. It was the first day in 22 years that I was out of the house 10 plus hours. I came home relieved that I did it, but overwhelmed to near tears and exhausted. I had today and tomorrow off then back at it Thursday and Friday.
    I hope I can keep it going!

    • October 24, 2018 at 10:50 am

      Wow! Congratulations! This sounds SO positive and I am excited for you. And I think your new company is lucky to have you (and it sounds like they know it since they are willing to work with you in your start date). It also sounds wise to start back with seasonal and part time so you can get back into the groove of the workforce world. Bravo! I am inspired.:)


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