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The Little Solar Eclipse That Could

We were in the partial path of the eclipse, and let me say - it was just magical to watch. It is one thing to see it in photos or on television. It is quite another to see it happening with your own two marveling eyes!

When I was little, my mom would read me a story called "The Little Engine That Could."

Looking back now, I think that was probably the...
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Camping After 45 and Why I Want to Do It Again

Me! Camping. In a tent. On the ground. With no a/c. At age 46!

The first time I went camping, I was about eight. My dad set up our tent right on the beach. Unfortunately, instead of sand, that particular beach was full of rocks.

This made for an uncomfortable night.

The second time we went camping as a family, we at least picked a sandy beach to do it on.

Unfortunately, that beach was also directly...
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White Hair? On Me?

There it is, folks. My very own distinguished white streak at last.

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery.

The night just prior I had noticed a grey hair or two making an appearance along my hair's main part line.

Don't misunderstand - this was nothing new.

It was what I discovered next that left my jaw hanging wide open.

This morning, as I was preparing to make war on the grey as usual, I encountered a never-before-seen sight.

A patch...
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Recovering From Bullying, Part 2

Post-move flock is very happy and healthy and, best of all, we are all safe and sound and enjoying our new casa together!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post I called "Recovering from Name Calling and Bullying."

In this post, I shared the heart-breaking experience of finding myself the target of adult bullies (whom, much to my surprise, were just as scary to the adult-me as remembered childhood bullies were...
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Climbing Self Respect Peak

Me. Pumped and ready to climb up Guadalupe Peak.

Last month my boyfriend and I took a trip to West Texas.

I was so excited by our itinerary! First of all, after being born and raised here, I had only just learned Texas has MOUNTAINS.

I couldn't wait to see them.

I also had my heart set on climbing one of them, and not just any mountain, either. I...
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What Happens When I Am Being Myself

Me with Perky, my first parakeet and best friend growing up.

Relationships with people have never been easy for me.

I grew up watching my extroverted mother and extroverted younger brother making friends with ease.

When I did make a friend, it was usually the other way around - that person (for some obscure reason I couldn't ever quite put my finger on)...
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