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Climbing Self Respect Peak

Me. Pumped and ready to climb up Guadalupe Peak.

Last month my boyfriend and I took a trip to West Texas.

I was so excited by our itinerary! First of all, after being born and raised here, I had only just learned Texas has MOUNTAINS.

I couldn't wait to see them.

I also had my heart set on climbing one of them, and not just any mountain, either. I...
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What Happens When I Am Being Myself

Me with Perky, my first parakeet and best friend growing up.

Relationships with people have never been easy for me.

I grew up watching my extroverted mother and extroverted younger brother making friends with ease.

When I did make a friend, it was usually the other way around - that person (for some obscure reason I couldn't ever quite put my finger on)...
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Why I’m Looking Forward to Getting Old

Somehow, turning 45 (which happened just this past December) triggered what I can only call a "mid-life fear of death crisis."

For anyone who is just joining us here now, it probably won't surprise you to learn I blogged quite a bit about this issue last year.

While I have continued to ponder and reflect on my oddly cantankerous relationship with the reality of my own death, I haven't blogged...
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When We Surprise Ourselves

Malta's newly completed habitat!

I'm not sure exactly when I began to believe I didn't have any surprises left in store for myself.

After all, I still learn new things about other people and my pets each and every day.

But at some point I guess I just stopped paying attention to myself in that there wasn't going to be anything new left to learn about me.

That ended last month.

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Animal Mentors

Me as a Naked Ape

Recently I read a fascinating book called "The Naked Ape."

Written by zoologist Desmond Morris in 1966 - four years before I was born - it nevertheless reads like "breaking news" in the ongoing human-animal consciousness debate.

Morris states quite matter-of-factly in his introduction that he has always both liked and felt more comfortable with animals than with people. He discloses that his work on "The Naked Ape" book is in part an...
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A Possible Definition for “Normal”

As I've continued reading Dr. Emily Nagoski's "Come As You Are the surprising new science that will transform your sex life," I've happened across all kinds of very surprising new insights indeed.

But very few have been about actual

For example, an eye-popper that crossed my mind right before lights out last night:

Why is normal the goal? What do people really want when they want to be normal? I think that to feel normal...
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