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White Hair? On Me?

There it is, folks. My very own distinguished white streak at last.

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery.

The night just prior I had noticed a grey hair or two making an appearance along my hair's main part line.

Don't misunderstand - this was nothing new.

It was what I discovered next that left my jaw hanging wide open.

This morning, as I was preparing to make war on the grey as usual, I encountered a never-before-seen sight.

A patch...
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Recovering From Bullying, Part 2

Post-move flock is very happy and healthy and, best of all, we are all safe and sound and enjoying our new casa together!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post I called "Recovering from Name Calling and Bullying."

In this post, I shared the heart-breaking experience of finding myself the target of adult bullies (whom, much to my surprise, were just as scary to the adult-me as remembered childhood bullies were...
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Climbing Self Respect Peak

Me. Pumped and ready to climb up Guadalupe Peak.

Last month my boyfriend and I took a trip to West Texas.

I was so excited by our itinerary! First of all, after being born and raised here, I had only just learned Texas has MOUNTAINS.

I couldn't wait to see them.

I also had my heart set on climbing one of them, and not just any mountain, either. I...
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What Happens When I Am Being Myself

Me with Perky, my first parakeet and best friend growing up.

Relationships with people have never been easy for me.

I grew up watching my extroverted mother and extroverted younger brother making friends with ease.

When I did make a friend, it was usually the other way around - that person (for some obscure reason I couldn't ever quite put my finger on)...
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Why I’m Looking Forward to Getting Old

Somehow, turning 45 (which happened just this past December) triggered what I can only call a "mid-life fear of death crisis."

For anyone who is just joining us here now, it probably won't surprise you to learn I blogged quite a bit about this issue last year.

While I have continued to ponder and reflect on my oddly cantankerous relationship with the reality of my own death, I haven't blogged...
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