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Thinking Your Way Up the Self-Talk Ladder

Recently, I attempted to track down an interesting quote about how the average person tends to repeat five times more negative than positive messages about himself or herself.

The surprise was what I got when I hit "enter."

I got lots of hits describing how positive self-talk can backfire on us.

In fact, the more I read about this topic, the worse I felt. Apparently, if you suffer from low self-esteem and you try to raise it...
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When Trauma Turns Into Euthanasia

Recently my friend and colleague Jenni Schaefer sent me a link to her story of recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder, aka PTSD.

Jenni and I have known each other for yet until I read her post, I didn't know she had been a victim of rape. I also didn't know she had struggled for many years with PTSD as a result of the rape.

To hear Jenni tell it, for a...
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Are You a “Giving Tree?”

Once upon a time, I made a new friend.

Over time, we became very close.

When we first met, she mentored me. As we got to know each other better, we mentored each other.

Then things shifted and I began supporting her through some of the toughest times a human being can endure.

During those years, she gifted me with a book by Shel Silverstein called "The Giving Tree."

This book talked about a relationship between...
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Feelings and How You Feel About Those Feelings

A few days ago, I posted some thoughts about a possible evolutionary basis for worries about whether or not we are "normal."

Surprisingly, this contemplation came out of a book called "Come As You Are," which is basically about, well, sex.

Author Emily Nagoski is a sex educator and researcher who has tackled (and, I would say, thoroughly knocked out) that age-old enduring myth that there is any kind...
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Animal Mentors

How Parrots Can Help People with PTSD

Me with my own very brave and loving parrot mentor.

Out in California, something special is taking place.

At a sanctuary called Serenity Park, traumatized parrots and traumatized people are connecting for mutual healing.

What is interesting about this is, well, pretty much everything (of course, as a lifelong parrot lover, I may be just a touch biased here).

The people participants...
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Frozen (A New Take on Fight or Flight)

A couple posts ago, I wrote about a neat and very effective new tactic I just learned for healing stress.

Oddly, I learned about this technique, called "completing the cycle," in a book called "Come As You Are:  the Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life" by Dr. Emily Nagoski.

As I've kept reading, I've kept learning more surprising new things. In fact, I just finished a section that describes how  our ancient reptilian limbic brains prefer to deal with...
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