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Life Is Too Short to Wear Too-Tight Shorts

My beautiful fast-growing shelled girl digging in to yet another hearty meal!

Yup. I said it. Life is too short to wear too-tight shorts.

Those aren't just words, either. They are words I live by.

It doesn't matter how long I've owned a particular pair of shorts. Once that day comes when I pull them on (or attempt to) and parts of me immediately start lodging complaints, the shorts come right off again.

In fact, these days,...
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You Can Trust in Progress

Today I can see the telltale signs of progress in some of my favorite moments in each year. Take nesting season, for instance. Every spring like clockwork, a certain feathered someone climbs into his nest and waits for the ladybirds to come (while his proud featherless mommy snaps picture after cute picture of the phenomenon!).

I've never been a huge fan of progress.

In past years (decades), my preference has mostly been for perfection.

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Is Your Body Image Bad, Good or Kind?

Talk about a being who has kind body baby tortoise, Malti, is as calm and confident as you can get (especially while trying on her very own brand new pair of butt lifting jeans!)

When I was born, my body image was good.

Or at least I think it was good, since I have no real recollection of having any body image at all one way or another.

Then around age 11, my body...
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Are You Getting Enough Overnight Therapy?

Me. Trying to sleep off germs, assisted (impeded) by my small feathery shadow.

As I get older, I often joke that I am always just one nap away from my next nap.

Only it's not really a joke.

Me-now honestly cannot work out what young me ever had against nap time.

Why did I resist? Oh, to have those mandatory mid-day naps back again!

I suspect that, during the era when I was growing up and then first...
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Ruminations on Peanut Butter

I watched this stressed-out baby sheep being unloaded for a children's petting zoo event. But the moment the baby sheep saw all that grass, the stress of the ride, the jouncing, the close quarters, all was forgotten as contented munching quickly commenced.

Around the time I turned 11, I discovered that the easiest way to get all my other worries to leave me alone was to pick one worry, assign it the job of being the...
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Learning to Burst Open Your Ideas

Simply lovely (thanks to Pinterest for the image).

If you've been following along here for the last month or so, you've probably read about some pretty painful experiences.

I guess I'm on a roll.

The thing is, at age 46 (and counting), I'm sure not getting any younger, and some of this stuff I really don't want to take with me.

And while I'm not sure we ever really "let go" of things that have literally reshaped...
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Recovering from Name Calling and Bullying

This beautiful painting hangs over my kitchen sink. The painter was a death row inmate who turned his life around through yoga and meditation (although this didn't prevent his sentence from being carried out). His beautiful portrait of love and hope has been a great comfort to me over the years, and never more than now.

A few nights ago, my next door neighbor called me a "prude."

While I was pretty sure this wasn't the...
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The Night I Still Don’t Want to Remember (& why I’m telling you this now)

A few days ago I walked outside one morning to find this mama yellow jacket wasp hard at work on her nest. I was spellbound watching her oh-so-carefully crafting tiny coverings for each tiny nest cubicle. Our intimate up-close-and-personal connection made me temporarily forget the scar on my thigh from where I was stung by an angry mama yellow jacket wasp two years ago, and how I promised myself never to make that same mistake again. 

Sexual assault. Rape. Child...
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