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Potent Healing from an Unexpected Place

My precious avian, Pearl, poses with two of his mommy's new Dr. Weiss books!

I am an avid reader. This is likely no secret if you have read at least one post here.

I especially enjoy books about animals. I like learning about their preferences, habits, behaviors, feelings, thoughts and needs.

During the animal communication course I recently completed (more about that course in this blog post), the instructor mentioned a book...
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Book Mentors

Advice for Saving the World

My parrot, Pearl, posing on top of the shiny cover of the great Sy Montgomery book "Chasing Cheetahs."

According to Dr. Laurie Marker, wildlife conservationist and founder of the Namibia, Africa-based Cheetah Conservation Fund,

We can save the world. There's no reason we can't. But we have to actively do it.

Dr. Laurie has been studying cheetahs since I was 4 years old (just in case you're wondering, that adds up to...
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What Happens When We Help the Animals

A golden moon bear.

Right now I am immersed in yet another book for

Over the past few years (ever since I started writing my own first book about animals, a book featuring my 17-year-old parrot, Pearl), I have realized books about animals are the best self help books out there.

They are also the saddest books. And they are the most uplifting and hopeful books.

Also, I used to...
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Animal Mentors

Do Animals Have Souls?

My favorite life form, my cockatiel Pearl, poses with one of my favorite new books, Sy Montgomery's "The Soul of an Octopus."

So do they?

Or perhaps a better question might be, do invertebrate animals have souls? Or do you only get a soul if you have a spine?

Or are souls just reserved for homo sapiens with spines (well, technically, all homo sapiens have spines, although I can think of a couple that can...
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Book Mentors

What Can I Do to Help Animals?

My personal favorite non-human species shares the cover with one of my favorite nature mentors, Jeff Corwin.

Sometimes I find it hard to grasp what is going on across our planet today.

Here, I don't mean politically (although I find that hard to grasp too).

I mean in terms of people versus non-people.

The truth is, from an evolutionary perspective, our unique ability to make babies anytime, anywhere probably made sense way back in our earliest days,...
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Book Mentors

Trying to be Loveful

My precious parrot, Pearl, offering his appreciation of the pretty parrot reflected in the shiny cover art for Kerry Egan's "On Living."

In the book I've been reading lately, "On Living" by Kerry Egan, she shares so many powerful stories - each story another parting gift from a hospice patient who literally never knew when a newly arriving day might be their last.

What a profound way to live!

In a sense, I...
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Book Mentors

How to Let Your Life Be Kind to You

One of my favorite images - my parrot, Pearl, was born knowing how to be kind to himself (which is a good thing, since his mommy needs frequent reminders!)

Lately, I've been reading a book titled "On Living" by hospice chaplain Kerry Egan.

When I like a book, I really, really like it.

(If I have it on loan from a friend or the library, sometimes I also consider not giving it back. Ever.)

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Book Mentors

What Sex and Dying Have in Common

For those of you who are just joining us here, just so you know, I have a mild phobia of death.

I often blog about it.

Mostly, I am afraid of what I don't know. Like, will death hurt? (if so, a little or a lot and where and for how long - more detail would be great here).

Also, will I like where I go after I die? What if I don't? Are there other options?

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I'd also like to...
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Book Mentors

I Know I’m Supposed to Hate My Body

I'd never heard of caramel cake until I read Cynthia's story. And I don't know if she is still alive or if she will ever see this post. But in her honor, I've chosen a collage of caramel cake photos I hope she would love. (thanks to Grandbaby Cakes for the image!)

I know I'm supposed to hate my body.

Why are you supposed to hate your body?

Because I'm fat....
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