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How to Eat with Gusto

Malti enjoys her favorite treat - freeze-dried mealworms.

From what I can tell thus far, the ideal way to learn how to eat with gusto is to become a tortoise.

If you can swing becoming a South American red-footed tortoise, even better.

My nearly three-year-old red-foot girl, Malti, was born ready to eat.

I wasn't present at her birth, but I suspect she shot out of that egg so fast, mouth wide open, expecting...
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Good News

It is Time for Sufficiency

My feathery sidekick, Pearl, making sure his belly is full of enough breakfast.
All my life I have felt the pinch of scarcity.
Scarcity - the sensation of not having "enough," has long served as a sort of theme song that would begin playing again automatically anytime I permitted my efforts to flag in any area of my life.

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Good News

My Gratefuls List

Pearl, primed and ready to plate surf his way through another delicious T-day dinner!

Many many years ago, I had a mentee who made it a daily habit to create what she called her "gratefuls list."

It wasn't just her sincerity of intention that tugged at my heartstrings - it was the charming name she chose for her daily meditations on...
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