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Good News

How to Know How Strong You Are (a hurricane Harvey story)

Only the partially submerged stop sign gives any indication this was once a very same street where I grew up!

In late August of this current year, (un)coincidentally just hours after hurricane Harvey had swept through my home city of Houston, TX, I encountered a new me.

She was much stronger than I expected she'd be.

She was kind , considering disaster struck so very swiftly and oh-so-very-close to home.

Here's what happened:

While my neighborhood...
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Good News

You Are Allowed to be Happy

One morning I went out to check on my turtles and saw that one of the tiny strawberry plants I'd planted in one of their habitats had grown a petite perfect red strawberry on it! Oh the happiness - I was over the moon! And this was at a VERY high-stress time in my life. That single moment of pure happiness I permitted myself sustained me in ways I am still striving to...
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Good News

The (Very Normal) Discomfort of Contentment

Talk about a being who is totally comfortable with contentment! I always know when Pearl is not contented, as well as the precise moment when his contentment returns.

When my longtime mentor, Lynn, had her first experience of "peace," she didn't recognize it.

She shares the story of how she called her own longtime mentor, concerned about this profound new feeling of "boredom" she was experiencing.

After a few questions and answers back and forth,...
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Animal Mentors

How to Eat with Gusto

Malti enjoys her favorite treat - freeze-dried mealworms.

From what I can tell thus far, the ideal way to learn how to eat with gusto is to become a tortoise.

If you can swing becoming a South American red-footed tortoise, even better.

My nearly three-year-old red-foot girl, Malti, was born ready to eat.

I wasn't present at her birth, but I suspect she shot out of that egg so fast, mouth wide open, expecting...
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Good News

It is Time for Sufficiency

My feathery sidekick, Pearl, making sure his belly is full of enough breakfast.
All my life I have felt the pinch of scarcity.
Scarcity - the sensation of not having "enough," has long served as a sort of theme song that would begin playing again automatically anytime I permitted my efforts to flag in any area of my life.

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Good News

My Gratefuls List

Pearl, primed and ready to plate surf his way through another delicious T-day dinner!

Many many years ago, I had a mentee who made it a daily habit to create what she called her "gratefuls list."

It wasn't just her sincerity of intention that tugged at my heartstrings - it was the charming name she chose for her daily meditations on...
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