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It is Time for Sufficiency

My feathery sidekick, Pearl, making sure his belly is full of enough breakfast.
All my life I have felt the pinch of scarcity.
Scarcity - the sensation of not having "enough," has long served as a sort of theme song that would begin playing again automatically anytime I permitted my efforts to flag in any area of my life.

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Good News

My Gratefuls List

Pearl, primed and ready to plate surf his way through another delicious T-day dinner!

Many many years ago, I had a mentee who made it a daily habit to create what she called her "gratefuls list."

It wasn't just her sincerity of intention that tugged at my heartstrings - it was the charming name she chose for her daily meditations on...
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Good News

The Place Where it Hurts is Also Where it Heals

One of the wise (cute, and oh-so-feathery) mentors on my current support team.

When I first developed an eating disorder back in 1981 (35 years ago - wow!), there was no internet.

I mean, there probably was an internet somewhere, hidden in some super-secret programmers-only closet.

But I sure as heck didn't know about it.

So I got much sicker, and then...
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Good News

When Your Body is Weak Your Spirit is STRONG

Spirit loves loves me

Trust me. I wouldn't say something like this if I didn't really mean it.

And when I say "mean it," I'm not talking about a belief - something I say with my mouth and believe in my head.

I mean I have experienced it first-hand with my body, mind, heart and spirit all expressing their willingness to go public to corroborate my...
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