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Shannon Cutts

Are You An Empath? (the superpower I would like to give up)

My box turtle, Bruce, has never met a fence he could tolerate. I guess I'm not the only one with boundary issues!

As a little girl, oh how I loved to read!

I was especially fond of science fiction, since (according to the cover art, at least) everyone was always trim and good-looking and self-possessed, and they had all kinds of groovy outfits and super powers.

Many also had super-cool rides, like dragons and "smart" spaceships.

I wanted to...
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Celebrity Mentors

A Good Reason to Hide Your Face

Me presenting "Beauty Undressed" to a group of students.

I've been on stage since I was 10 years old.

My family band first put me there, and much later I led a band of my own.

In the middle years, I played and sang and acted and even danced in front of groups of strangers, feeling rather more perfectly placed there than anywhere else.

This, I discovered later,...
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When We Surprise Ourselves

Malta's newly completed habitat!

I'm not sure exactly when I began to believe I didn't have any surprises left in store for myself.

After all, I still learn new things about other people and my pets each and every day.

But at some point I guess I just stopped paying attention to myself in that there wasn't going to be anything new left to learn about me.

That ended last month.

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Animal Mentors

Me as a Naked Ape

Recently I read a fascinating book called "The Naked Ape."

Written by zoologist Desmond Morris in 1966 - four years before I was born - it nevertheless reads like "breaking news" in the ongoing human-animal consciousness debate.

Morris states quite matter-of-factly in his introduction that he has always both liked and felt more comfortable with animals than with people. He discloses that his work on "The Naked Ape" book is in part an...
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Shannon Cutts

Learning to Ride a Bike Again

And there it with detachable wire handlebars basket for Malti's riding pleasure!

When I was 15, I had a Schwinn bike that I loved.

Then some mean people came and stole it out of our garage.

Fast forward 30 years to, well, this year.

I am 45, and guess what I am learning to ride again?

One day several weeks ago my mom called me...
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Feelings and How You Feel About Those Feelings

A few days ago, I posted some thoughts about a possible evolutionary basis for worries about whether or not we are "normal."

Surprisingly, this contemplation came out of a book called "Come As You Are," which is basically about, well, sex.

Author Emily Nagoski is a sex educator and researcher who has tackled (and, I would say, thoroughly knocked out) that age-old enduring myth that there is any kind...
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A Possible Definition for “Normal”

As I've continued reading Dr. Emily Nagoski's "Come As You Are the surprising new science that will transform your sex life," I've happened across all kinds of very surprising new insights indeed.

But very few have been about actual

For example, an eye-popper that crossed my mind right before lights out last night:

Why is normal the goal? What do people really want when they want to be normal? I think that to feel normal...
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Animal Mentors

How Parrots Can Help People with PTSD

Me with my own very brave and loving parrot mentor.

Out in California, something special is taking place.

At a sanctuary called Serenity Park, traumatized parrots and traumatized people are connecting for mutual healing.

What is interesting about this is, well, pretty much everything (of course, as a lifelong parrot lover, I may be just a touch biased here).

The people participants...
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