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Animal Mentors

Forgiveness: the Stranger I Thought I Knew

My two-year-old red footed tortoise, Malti. She often has this sort of grumpy intense expression on her face, but I never once have taken it with some people I know!

Recently I realized that I'm not sure I have ever forgiven anyone, ever, for anything. And that includes myself.

This is not because I haven't tried, mind you. I have definitely tried.

It's just - all of a sudden I'm not sure I even...
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Animal Mentors

If You Believe In Something, Chase It

My parrot, Pearl, chases something he believes shiny, crinkly cover of Sy's book!

Lately, like for the past year or 10, I've been really keen to read about animals.

I like to read about all kinds of different animals - land and sea and sky and trees and underground animals - all are equally intriguing to me.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for, a closer connection with the natural world, or a...
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Animal Mentors

Grappling With Guilt by Association

My petite parrot, Pearl, offering up a side-by-side size comparison to demonstrate just how large and strange (and wonderful!) the Kakapo really is.

I've mentioned here before that I sometimes (often) want to change my species.

It's not that I don't like being a person - a homo sapiens. I do like it. I like the air conditioning and the coffee and the pest control. I like having pets and watching movies and showering.

I just...
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Animal Mentors

Me, Animal Communicator

My course graduation certificate - I've never been prouder of anything in my life than this!

Did I ever think I would type those three words? Not a chance.

Me, an animal communicator? Perhaps in my dreams (although in my actual dreams my pets are usually in peril and it is all my fault).

But recently I enrolled in a course taught by animal communicator Marta Williams called "Discover How Your Animal Is...
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Animal Mentors

When Your “Person” Isn’t a Person

Perky - my first avian love.

I was really lonely as a child.

I mean, I had same-species friends - mostly boys at first and then a gal or two - but for some reason I had trouble feeling like there was any real tangible connection there.

I knew I preferred the company of these homo sapiens to other homo sapiens. And I knew they mostly felt the same way. But other than that, this "friendship"...
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Animal Mentors

Why I Think Animals Get PTSD Too

My precious box turtle, Bruce, on day 3 of hiding in the dirt beneath a huge pile of leaf litter.

My box turtle, Bruce, came to me a little over two years ago after being rescued - twice - by caring local neighbors.

The first time we met, he was being harassed by pet dogs. It was spring, and he had just emerged from his winter hibernation. He was very hungry and eager to find...
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Animal Mentors

Is the Octopus Self Aware? You Decide

Not too long ago, I blogged about some of the cool things I've been learning about octopuses (not the least of which is that the proper plural is "octopuses," not the much more elegant-sounding "octopi." Sigh.).

Then my mom sent me an article about octopus intelligence. The article used words like "alien" and "blender" to describe the octopus's unique high level of intelligence, as well as how that intelligence is organized and expressed.

Apparently, octopuses have more genes than people...
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Animal Mentors

Do You Have a Soulmate Animal?

My precious box turtle, Bruce, who came to join us when I rescued him a little more than two years ago.

Recently, I began my first-ever course to learn animal communication.

Taught by professional scientist-turned-animal communicator Marta Williams, this course specifically focuses on the spiritual connection humans and animals can share.

The course is offered online and is called "Discover How Your Animal is Your Healer and Teacher." To be honest, I didn't...
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Animal Mentors

One Body, One Brain, One Heart, One Soul

My beautiful rescued Texas 3-toed box turtle, Bruce. His species is listed by the IUCN as "vulnerable."

One Body, One Brain, One Heart, One Soul.

These were the words that arose within me during meditation this morning.

If you've been following along here for a bit, you have likely noticed me arm-wrestling with myself on how best to help the animals I so love.

It might not be such a problem if I...
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