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How to Eat with Gusto

Malti enjoys her favorite treat - freeze-dried mealworms.

From what I can tell thus far, the ideal way to learn how to eat with gusto is to become a tortoise.

If you can swing becoming a South American red-footed tortoise, even better.

My nearly three-year-old red-foot girl, Malti, was born ready to eat.

I wasn't present at her birth, but I suspect she shot out of that egg so fast, mouth wide open, expecting...
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Chatting with Chickens

My welcome committee at this newest

The truth is, if it has feathers, I'm probably going to like it.

If it doesn't have feathers, I would probably like it better if we added some.

Even now as I type, I have a small bundle of feathers snoozing on my right knee (total bliss).

And every morning when I wake up - for about the last 5 years now - I...
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A Very Prickly Cactus

There it is, , grumpy and (clearly) indestructible.

I have this small dark green cactus that sits right outside my door.

Every day when I go outside to check on my turtles, I see it sitting there in its little green pot. Mostly I give it a wide berth.

But when I do go to touch it, whether to water it, move it out of the...
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Yes, Dogs Can Speak “Human”

Our puppy, Flash Gordon. If you think he seems to be communicating, "This is MY green dinosaur," science says you are likely right!

I love animals.

Animals don't litter. With an animal, you don't have to dig through layers of meaning and context to find the point. An animal won't pretend they like...
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When Ants Grieve

Bruce, taking a momentary rest from power walking.

Last week I went outside to take my box turtle, Bruce, for a walk.

When he finally stopped for a rest, I plopped down on the warm pavement next to him.

That was when I looked down and saw something extraordinary.

Right beside me, a colony of red ants was busily engaged in some kind of mandatory work-related conga line,...
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Turtle Lives Matter….a LOT

Not "just turtles." Malti (top), Bruce (bottom).

Being a turtle mommy, for me at least, has been like winning free tickets to the "learning curve rollercoaster" - that really fast, scary one I never wanted to ride in the first place.

If you've been following Malti's adventures on her blog, you probably remember that she recently went missing for 6 days.

Those were pretty...
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When There is No “Right” or “Wrong” Choice

All my life (to date, anyway) I have had a particular preference for flow-charting things.

For example, if A happens, then do B. But if B happens, then do C.

That sort of thing.

Doing this feels the same as opening Google Maps and mapping out my complete itinerary in advance of taking a trip.

Reassuring. Smart.

But over the years, I have learned (to my great disappointment) that this "no surprises" approach doesn't work well...
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Confronting the Cruelty Within

My parents' puppy, Flash Gordon, to whom I am a very proud and doting auntie.

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently finished reading a book by David Grimm called "Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs."

The book gave me a lot to think about on a lot of different levels.

And while...
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When Pets Become People

I just recently finished reading a book by David Grimm called "Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs."

I won't lie. I was expecting something a

At nearly 300 pages and with a 2014 publication date, the book took me on a journey from our earliest interactions with companion animals all the way up to today.

Along the way we hit a few (many) rough patches. This was especially true in the...
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