Me. Pearl.

Hi. I’m Shannon.

I’m thrilled to be here blogging for Psych Central about my passions, mentoring and recovery.

Over the years, I have learned SO much about what mentoring is, how it works, and most of all, where mentors can be found.

As it turns out, mentors are everywhere. 

It really is amazing! Some of my most influential life mentors aren’t even human! For example, my parrot, Pearl, and my two turtles, Malti & Bruce, are hugely inspirational mentors in my life. You will read a lot about them on my blog here. 🙂

But most of all what I want to say is that I just feel so lucky to connect with you here and learn about your mentoring experiences and share my own and participate in a community of beings with such beautiful open minds and uplifted hearts and spirits.

Oh, and if you want to learn more about what I’m up to when I’m not posting blogs here (or you’d really prefer to talk with Pearl, Malti & Bruce instead): (me) (the flock)

🙂 Shannon


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