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It Has Been An Honor to Connect With You Here

Please keep in touch in whatever way most appeals from the options you read about here.

2020 has been my 10th year of blogging here at Psych Central.


This blog – Mentoring & Recovery – is 10 years old.

That’s not as old as I am, but still.

Being a part of the Psych Central blogging community has seen me from one milestone birthday to the next.

And that’s not a small thing.

Speaking of milestones, this past week I received some not totally unsurprising news.

Psych Central has been acquired by Healthline.

I was also told that, starting next month, all new Psych Central content is on pause for awhile.

I’m not 100 percent sure what that means for this blog, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that means this is my last official post here….at least for the foreseeable future.

So I wanted to leave you with this:

It has been my honor.


I will miss you – and some of you in particular who have taken the time to share your own journeys along the way with comments and insights and wisdom. You know who you are. 🙂

I also wanted to be sure to let you know where you can find me if you’d like to keep in touch.

I would love that.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce and I blog nearly every single day over at Love & Feathers & Shells, our little flock’s official online home.

Love & Feathers & Shells & Me monthly ezine
Join us for fun, free monthly flock e-news!

Each flock member takes a day and we rotate days.

So one day it’s Pearl’s turn. The next day it’s Malti’s turn. And the third day it’s Bruce’s turn. And so on.

If you are wondering when I get my turn…..well, it still could happen (probably on the same day I finally manage to grow some feathers of my very own).

In the meantime, we also send out a monthly action-packed flock ezine at the end of each month. It is free. You can totally sign up and we would love that.

And speaking of turns, we also show up daily across a wide variety of social feeds.

Instagram is the hands-down best place to find us – and there are turns galore going on there, as well as short films, interspecies story time, habitat tours, breaking news and LIVESTREAMS.

Yup. You can connect with us LIVE.

We usually do the livestreams mid-day towards the end of the week or on Saturdays, when everyone in the flock is wide awake and keen to claim their 15 minutes of weekly internet fame.

Shannon Cutts on Mammalz
5 seconds will have you logged into a new wide and wonderful natural world where you can find us and so much more too!

Speaking of livestreams, Mammalz is a new nature app we have partnered with and that is another great place to find us.

And you won’t just be able to connect with our little flock on Mammalz, but you will also meet a whole great wide world of some of the coolest nature-loving peeps on this small round blue and green planet.

They really care about conservation and wellness and helping people and nature partner for the greater good. It’s free and totally worth the five seconds it takes to create your login. They have an iOS app and an online browser-based platform.

Some other great places to find us are:

Oh, and by the way, I am also a full-time professional freelance writer – have been so for the past 10 years now! I love it mostly because I get to work from home with the best officemates a gal could ever ask for.

But I also love it for so many other reasons – I’m good at it, I get to serve people and help them achieve their goals, I make new neural connections constantly and it keeps a roof over a certain set of very precious feathery and shelled heads. Need a writer? I’m your gal!

So please head on over to whichever little corner of our great wide online world most appeals to you and let’s stay in touch.

With great respect and love,


It Has Been An Honor to Connect With You Here

Shannon Cutts

Freelance writer. Author. Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise & box turtle mama.

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