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Free Cuteness and Comfort For All

cockatiel, box turtle, redfoot tortoise
Join our little flock on Instagram for the comforting cuteness of nature.

As my city and so much of our world is slowly trying to reboot after the pandemic shutdown over the last few months, I am noticing a disturbing new trend.

There are fewer bicyclists pedaling by outside my window. The foot traffic (both human and canine) has similarly decreased over the last couple of weeks.

Perhaps this is just because our traditional three-digit sub-tropical summer temperatures have arrived in earnest. As usual, the mosquitos are the size of small fighter jets and every single one of them acts like they’ve missed their last several meals the moment I walk outside.

Yet, still.

We seem to be retreating indoors again, back to our action-packed online lives and, consequently, up into our heads, where peace is all too easily edged out by seemingly more pressing matters.

Us versus them.

Me versus you.

Old versus young.

Black versus white.

Straight versus everyone else.

Women versus men.

Partnered versus single.

The haves versus the have-nots.

First-world versus third-world.

Republicans versus Democrats.

Fat versus skinny.

The lists go on and on and on and on and on.

It is enough to make me see quarantine through a set of oddly rose-tinted glasses.

Sure, the world had (has) its problems. But at least I was acutely aware of how desperately I needed peace and how important it was to take an active role in making sure I found some.

And so, I thought now might be the right time to issue an informal invitation.

Over these same last few weeks as so many of us have begun tiptoeing back into our regularly scheduled lives again, I have begun noticing an uptick in comments over on our little flock’s Instagram page – comments about how comforting “cuteness” can be.

Visitors have shared how they’ve been seeking out our page specifically to spend time enjoying cute videos of Pearl, Malti and Bruce just being their wonderful, natural (and very cute) selves, and how, after watching one or several such videos, they notice they are feeling much better.

Calmer. Happier. Braver. More hopeful, too.

This doesn’t surprise me. I often seek out Pearl, Malti and Bruce for precisely the same reasons. This morning I had kind of a meltdown and instinctively I just laid down on the floor beside Malti to watch her wander around and be her cute, perfect tortoise self. Then she came and nestled her round bulk in the perfectly tortoise-sized space between my neck, chin and shoulder blades.

Meltdown over. Now I was just melting….from cuteness.

So I just wanted to invite you on over. In case you need free comforting cuteness, too.

Join us here and feel better right away. πŸ™‚

cockatiel, box turtle, redfoot tortoise, dachshund
See? So much comforting cuteness – courtesy of Pearl, Malti, Bruce and Flash Gordon – free for all who need it! <3

With great respect and love,

Shannon, Pearl, Malti & Bruce

Free Cuteness and Comfort For All

Shannon Cutts

Freelance writer. Author. Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise & box turtle mama.

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