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How Learning About Chakras Is Helping Me Heal My Gut Pain

sedona rock cairn
One especially wonderful little rock cairn I spied that day on the Sedona vortex trails.

The chakras – the seven main energy centers of the body – are not new news to me. I have heard about them, read about them, known about them for years.

But, being the often mental-centric being that I am, they have felt somewhat esoteric, even off-limits, to me.

Like, I can’t “see” a chakra. I can’t touch it. I can’t open up Google Maps and get the directions.

(I mean, I think some people can see and touch chakras, like energy healers who can see auras or sense areas where energy may be concentrated or stuck. But I’m not those people.)

The closest thing I’ve ever felt to a chakra – until very recently, anyway – came when I was able to visit Sedona, Arizona, several years ago.

There are these places in Sedona – four of them in total – called “vortexes.”

The vortexes are said to be areas of concentrated energy. Some are more masculine. Some are more feminine. Some are “combination” vortexes.

Some people don’t believe any of this. Some people do believe. Speaking only for myself, I am not sure it matters, as long as (per the Visit Sedona website) you feel better after you visit than you did before you visited.

I did, by the way.

I felt very – nourished – by the beauty, the energy, the obvious devotion of the many visitors, the small human-made rock cairns here there and everywhere, the presence of the young couple posing for their wedding pictures in the nearby cool flowing stream, the serene meditating hikers basking in the sun, the surrounding red rock majesty.

It felt like being in a very concentrated sunbeam.

Which is why I mention it here in a blog about chakras and healing, because if I could see or feel a chakra, I would imagine this is exactly what they would feel like. Like a sunbeam, focused directly on me.

Warm. Nurturing. Healing. Balancing. Benevolent. Reassuring, somehow. Inexplicable and yet present just the same.

This is the third year I have maintained a near-daily yoga practice. It is also my third year of managing hypothyroidism by way of a combination of traditional western medication, meditation, yoga, nutritional supplements and a (mostly) gluten-free diet.

My yoga teacher, Adriene Mischler, has a whole yoga series that focuses on the chakras. She has designed a yoga practice around each one and I am slowly working my way through the series.

Adriene constantly talks about how breath is spirit, or essence, and how the spine is the central channel of energy that quite literally holds us up and allows the energy to move up and down and throughout our being.

Of course, she doesn’t shove any of this down her students’ throats. It is just a part of how she approaches integrating the physical postures of yoga with the benefits or fruits of having a yoga practice – improved physical and mental balance, emotional awareness, connection to self and the surrounding world.

I like it. It works for me.

All my life I have particularly struggled with health issues in my gut – stomach, intestines, the whole G.I. system. Having anorexia and bulimia did not help this any. But even in the decades since I have recovered, the gut instability has persisted.

In the last year, as I have healed from a parting with my long-time love, I have enrolled myself in several of author and intuitive coach Sonia Choquette’s intuition courses.

Learning to tune in to myself using the methods she teaches has made me aware of what I can only call a subtle mass – a “stuck-ness” located right in the center of my body.

It feels like a swirling black gathering of residue – like what you would see if you ever looked inside an old, never-cleaned, well-used fireplace. Just – black – mess. Everywhere.

This was quite eye-opening to me, especially because over the decades I have tried every remedy I could get my hands on to try to encourage my tummy to calm down. Nothing has worked for long and inevitably the pain returns, worse than ever, and refuses to go away until it is good and ready.

And when it finally does decide to leave, I never know why.

But now, thanks to the intuition courses I’ve been taking, I am starting to finally sense that there is more to “me” than what I can see on the surface using my physical eyes. And maybe some of the answers and the resolution I am seeking is in there where I haven’t known or thought to look until now.

Thanks to Adriene and Sonia, I am starting to sense that there is this deeper layer of me that is filled with energy. I suspect this is where my chakras reside.

I was meditating one day recently when I felt and sensed the stuck energy trapped in my stomach region.

Sonia says you can tell it is an intuitive insight by how unexpected it is. This insight was very, very unexpected.

At first I just watched it (by which I mean I felt it and how it would react every time I thought or felt something stressful). Then, not knowing what else to do, I started to use EFT (emotional freedom technique – a tapping method that helps release old, stuck emotions) to feel and release the emotions that were triggering the the thoughts that were triggering the stomach stress.

As I would do this, I began to slowly sense little bits and pieces of the swirling energetic stuck energy begin to dissipate and dissolve.

(I realize this sounds really, really, really “woo-woo.” But as Sonia often says, woo-woo is good. It is especially good when it actually works. And it is especially, especially good when it works after nothing else has worked.)

I don’t know if my recurrent stomach pain stems completely from these old, stuck, heavy, scary emotions that have probably been trapped inside me so long they’ve grown mold.

There seems to be a biological component as well, since I have found that taking the supplement HCL with Pepsin twice a day really seems to ease some of the pain as well as reduce some of the frequency of the symptoms.

But this still isn’t good enough. I would really like to get to a place in my life where I don’t always have one eye trained towards my general G.I. region, wondering if the little burble or gurgle or rumble I just sensed is a harbinger of yet another storm rolling in.

And at 49 going on 50 this year, it feels like my mind and I have reached a point in life where entertaining woo-woo is okay for the sake of self-evolution, self-healing, self-improvement. It’s okay if it’s “out there” as long as it works.

Like the vortexes in Sedona, which are a topic of intense ongoing contention and debate in many circles, I have realized I no longer really care if they do or don’t exist, scientifically speaking.

If it works, it works. And this – the whole chakra healing thing – seems to be working.

I share this because I would love to hear any experiences you have had that have helped you get more in touch with your energetic as well as your physical self.

Have you found healing benefits by tuning in to different areas of your body on this deeper inner level? Have you had any experiences of energy in the body that have left you feeling healthier than before you had them?

With great respect and love,


How Learning About Chakras Is Helping Me Heal My Gut Pain

Shannon Cutts

Freelance writer. Author. Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise & box turtle mama.

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