You Can Only Be Who You Really Are

Have you struggled in the past to accept your weaknesses in the same way you accept your strengths? Or do you still struggle with this today, berating yourself for not being better at being totally self-sufficient, totally well-rounded, totally excellent in all areas of life? What do you think about the idea that perhaps you can't be everything, anything, after all, but you CAN be the most excellent YOU who has ever lived? 

The Art of Listening With All of Your Ears

Have you ever wondered about how you receive information from different parts of yourself? It might not be “ears” – perhaps another analogy resonates more closely with you. How do you communicate with your body, mind, heart, spirit? What has helped you navigate important but challenging relationships?

A New Definition for the Word ‘Discipline’

When you hear the word "discipline" what comes up in your mind? In your heart? In your gut? Do you feel or think anything in particular in association with this word? How does discipline arrive in your life? Is it a helper to you or an obstacle, or perhaps a bit of both?

The Gift of Missed Connections

How do you view connections that seem to hold great promise but then don’t pan out as you expected? Have you ever looked back after some time passes to see value in a missed connection that you couldn’t see at the time?