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What To Do With All That Extra Space

I love taking pics of the sky, sun and moon. This stunning picture of the sun reminds me that simply having lots of space to spread out, dream and shine can be a very good thing!

I have always needed some sort of path to follow – some kind of structure to inform my choices, give me hope….or at the very least to keep me in line.

When I was 19, my first mentor taught me how to meditate, and that has been a constant source of structure in my life for most of the years since.

Off and on over the years, I have also enjoyed following a regular movement yoga practice – using the formal poses and breathing exercises to get stronger inside and out.

Oddly, although so much of my early life was literally obsessed with changing my body’s shape and size, I never interpreted movement yoga practice as a form of “exercise” per se. I mean, it was that, and I did know that, especially as I wobbled and fell again and again out of pure physical weakness.

But it has always felt deeper than exercise, broader than slimming or toning the butt or thighs or belly or whatever the target of my body-based irritation happened to be from one day to the next.

My current yoga practice with #YogawithAdriene is nearing its first birthday. I can’t imagine life without Adriene and her loving, supportive, inside-out approach to yoga that focuses on finding what feels good over achieving the perfect pose.

Day by day, with the help of Adriene’s yoga instructions, my thyroid remembers it has a job to do and agrees to do it, my muscles come back out of their respective corners and agree to work together to keep the rest of my upright, and my head and heart realign around our shared goal to strengthen, heal and re-energize.

Of course, with each step forward, I can then see a bit further along towards the horizon and realize how far I have yet to go! 

Adriene often reminds me of something I believed in long before I knew there was such a thing as yoga on YouTube. In fact, I am just now remembering I actually wrote about it in my first book nearly a decade ago (WOW – where does the time go?).

It is something my longtime mentor, Lynn, has re-emphasized over and over again each time I have come to her with yet another unsolvable problem or unresolvable relationship:

Before new good can come into your life, you must first make some space.

Today during my yoga session, Adriene reminded me of this credo once again. But this time, when I heard it and looked inside to do a quick space evaluation, to my surprise I saw lots of space.

And when I say lots of space, I really mean…..LOTS of space. Here are some examples of new big, obvious, gaping spaces in my life.

My longtime love and I parted ways back in November. My fragmented health and warring internal organs are well along now in the making-up process. After a truly hellacious year all around, my folks have come through the aftermath of hurricane Harvey’s devastation and we have them back in their newly renovated home once more. I just wrapped up a book project that took me more than two years (thanks, Harvey) to complete.

So….lots of space. Oh so much space. Everywhere I look I see space….and more space.

I find this quite interesting. And since nothing seems to be chomping at the bit to fill up that space, I have even caught myself wondering if the goal is not to make space and fill it, but if perhaps space itself IS the good thing after all.

Today’s Takeaway: What do you think of the concept that before new good can come into your life, you must make space? Do you think that space itself could possibly be the “good?”¬†Have you ever had an experience in your life where you consciously cleared space for something and that newly cleared space just stayed….spacious? I’m so curious to hear your thoughts!

What To Do With All That Extra Space

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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