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New Year’s Eve Gratefuls

The moon peeks through the (oh-so-fluffy) clouds as we collectively prepare to welcome a brand-new year!

Over on my parrot’s blog, we regularly post a “his and hers” grateful list. Of course, this list tends to be rather brief on account of the epic battle that typically ensues for who gets to be master of the keyboard that day.

This list is a little different. If you have been following along regularly or popping in and out here over the last 12 months, you know this year has presented some special challenges for our little flock.

Hurricane Harvey flooded my folks’ house and so we’ve spent the last year moving them here and there while trying to put their casa back in order. Around the time that process kicked off, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism – a sufficiently severe case that my thyroid had apparently taken off on sabbatical without telling any of us.

Then, not so long ago (just last month, in fact), my longtime love and I parted ways. Mornings, evenings and all other times are the hardest right now. But there is also an unmistakable underlying peace I personally only feel when I have done the hard, right, loving thing that needed to be done.

All that aside, the one practice that has consistently bailed me out, sometimes hauled me out ankles-first, throughout this last chaotic, life-upending year has been gratitude. Finding something – anything – to be grateful for reminds me we really are all in this together. If I hurt, I hurt together. If I smile, I smile together. If I wonder if any of this will ever feel okay again, I wonder this together.

Taking time to reflect over the last year probably isn’t a particularly original tradition, but since my birthday and the holidays and the New Year all falls in the same month for me, and that month just happens to be the last month of every year, it has always seemed like pretty much of a no-brainer to do this life reflection now and not at some other time.

So without further ado, here is what I am most grateful for this year! 

  • My “inner flock” of Pearl, Malti & Bruce.
  • My folks and “our” puppy, Flash Gordon.
  • My wonderful thyroid doctor who reassured me from day one that no matter what is wrong with me, he can absolutely fix it.
  • My mom for persevering to help my myriad of health issues get properly diagnosed and then get me on a path to healing.
  • My mom and dad for helping pay for my treatment since my doctor wasn’t covered by my AFA insurance.
  • My anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds. They often get pushed into the shadows these days with all the newer, fresher, fast-paced health excitement from the past year, but truly, my life changed for the better when we found each other.
  • Yoga with Adriene (#yogawithadriene) and “find what feels good.”
  • Doing the work I love most (writing) every day AND paying the rent with it!
  • My freelance clients who truly make me feel valued and appreciated for what I contribute (trust me, it was definitely not always this way).
  • Being able to work from home and hang out with my inner flock all day – a longtime dream come true and I wouldn’t change it for anything.
  • The new “Waffles & More” recipe book my Mom and I are releasing next month – Hurricane Harvey tried its best to derail us but we have prevailed!
  • Our flock’s wonderful veterinarians who helped Pearl heal after a particularly worrisome bout of, well, I’ll spare you the details but it was really scary.
  • My great 12-year-old car for staying in such great shape for another whole year.
  • Our extended flock on social media who shares in Pearl’s, Malti’s and Bruce’s adventures with us on a daily basis and is so loved and appreciated!
  • Sunshine, clouds, animals, nature, the ocean, the mountains – nature is truly the best artist and the most artful and reliable healer.
  • My lovely little garage apartment in our city’s historic district, complete with one parking space for my well-deserving elderly automobile.
  • Thrift stores. True love lasts a lifetime.
  • The gluten-free movement which has made adjusting my diet for thyroid healing so much easier and tastier.
  • Anthony William’s book “Thyroid Healing.” Very grateful for celery juice in particular.
  • Meditation – other than waking my flock up each morning, it is hands-down the best part of every day.
  • Books and movies. They are lifelong friends.
  • Friends. My dearest friends have made some moments in this year bearable and others thoroughly delightful!
  • The Cuisinart K-cup coffee maker my folks gave me. You have my heart.
  • Whipped cream in those spray cans they sell in the grocery store. One “extra fancy” morning coffee coming right up!
  • Sleep. I sometimes feel like I could go pro….I’m just such a natural at it.
  • Anything fluffy and soft. Pillows, throws, slippers, stuffed animals – if it’s soft and fluffy I probably want it.
  • Call blocking. Seriously. I love this feature and use it on my iPhone daily for an instant hit of satisfaction when yet another telemarketer attempts to interrupt my day.
  • Incense, essential oils, candles – especially lavender, gardenia and tuberose scents!
  • Readers and writers. You know who you are. 🙂

Today’s Takeaway: What are you feeling particularly grateful for today or over this past year or looking out towards our fresh, new 365 days yet to come?

New Year’s Eve Gratefuls

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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