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It Finally Happened! (The Miracle Gardenia)

There it is, folks – the miracle gardenia blossom!

I have to admit I had lost all faith. Or hope. Or whatever you feel when you watch a gardenia bush (in my case, two gardenia bushes) growing right outside your casa for more than two years now and neither of them ever produces a single gardenia blossom.

So I really don’t even have the words to describe this….how I felt when….just now I walked oh so casually outside to feed my box turtle, Bruce, and then walked equally casually back by the gardenia bush growing near the corner of his outdoor habitat, and there it was.


A single pure white, oh-so-fragrant, absolutely PERFECT gardenia blossom delicately perched right at the end of its long green leafy branch – I truly never thought I would see the day.

The other gardenia bush has yet to follow suit (and it is older than its sibling miracle bush) but to be fair, it had a rougher start in life. 

Plus, despite the label on its little trunk, I’ve never been 100 percent convinced it actually is a gardenia bush, since all the other ones I’ve seen have bright green leaves and this bush has light and dark variegated leaves. And, of course, it has no gardenia blossoms (another potentially confirming fact).

Meanwhile, I couldn’t be prouder than if I was a gardenia bush mama. Which, in a way I suppose, I am, although frankly I admit I can take approximately zero credit for my gardenia plant’s little white miracle.

Still, I am quite simply bursting with pride!

I can’t even decide whether to let it stay on the end of its stalk or to pluck it and bring it inside to dote and gush over it, or perhaps I should just bring the whole bush inside and throw it a party…..decisions, decisions.

Isn’t she lovely? That first tiny lavender re-blossom of the season….!

I felt quite similarly when my lavender bush (the one with no lavender on it) sprouted its first little lavender blossom a few weeks ago. But I haven’t been waiting as long to see the lavender and also, this bush had lavender on it when my mom bought it for me last year.

So technically, for the lavender bush it is a repeat performance – albeit still unexpected given my gardening history and still much anticipated and highly celebrated – while for the gardenia bush this is a true first.

Maybe my green growing things are finally starting to like me a little. Or trust me a bit. Or maybe it had nothing to do with me at all, although I like to think perhaps the gardenia bush likes its new bigger pot with the fresh soil and squirt of houseplant fertilizer, and the single perfect gardenia blossom is its way of saying “thank you.”

I’d like to think so, anyway.

Today’s Takeaway: I like getting older, because for every day I age, I experience fresh, new respect and deep and profound admiration for the beings that have been quietly conducting their own lives all around me for these many years, and I am only just now starting to really notice and learn from them! For instance, the green beings in my life – the grass, the (unfortunate) foliage my box turtle, Bruce, and redfoot tortoise, Malti, use for comfy seating, the lavender bush and the gardenias, the tiny tomato plant that is now a junior tomato plant, the aloe vera I rescued from a neighbor’s garbage bin…..and all the insect life and small animals that cohabitate with them – it is quite marvelous, really. I can hardly even take it in, and I suspect that all the days I have left won’t be enough time to even begin to comprehend their mysteries and marvels. But today’s wonderful GARDENIA BLOSSOM sure is a good start! 🙂

It Finally Happened! (The Miracle Gardenia)

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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