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Potent Healing from an Unexpected Place

My precious avian, Pearl, poses with two of his mommy’s new Dr. Weiss books!

I am an avid reader. This is likely no secret if you have read at least one post here.

I especially enjoy books about animals. I like learning about their preferences, habits, behaviors, feelings, thoughts and needs.

During the animal communication course I recently completed (more about that course in this blog post), the instructor mentioned a book called “Many Lives, Many Masters” by noted psychiatrist Dr. Brian L. Weiss.

Assuming it was a book about animal reincarnation (fascinating!) I immediately ordered it from my local library.

It speedily arrived, and I eagerly read the back cover….at which point it got relegated to the bottom of my reading stack. Instead of a book about animal reincarnation, which I was keen to learn more about, I discovered it was a book about people reincarnation, a topic I tend to hold at arm’s length (or even longer, if my present life’s arm length would permit).

It’s not that I’m against the concept of reincarnation, or even that I feel any particular way about it. It just has never seemed particularly relevant. Why would I want to learn about my past lives, if such exist, when I already have a really full plate just dealing with my current life!?

Yet there it sat. I finished one and then another riveting book about animals. Finally, it was the only book left on my bedside table. SIGH.

I picked it up, opened it under duress, read the first page.

Three hours went by. 

I missed my bedtime completely. I was so hooked. I haven’t read a book that gripping since the last John Grisham novel came out!

I didn’t know anything about Dr. Weiss, the author. I had no idea he’d won an Emmy for a television program produced by none other than Oprah. I didn’t know he had a whole Institute dedicated to studying and practicing what he calls “past life regression hypnosis therapy.”

All I did know is what his bio told me, which is that he was even more skeptical than me when he first started working with a patient who seemed incurable…at least until she began remembering past life memories under hypnosis. Oh, and also, he had graduated from the types of universities that would have placed my application promptly in the round file….probably without even opening it first.

So finally, after reading two or three of his books, I opened up YouTube and searched for the keywords “Dr. Weiss regression.” Several videos immediately popped up. I picked the shortest one (36 minutes and 23 seconds). I pushed “play.”

Since that first morning, I have played that video nearly every morning, and each time, I have remembered more things, none of which appear to be from my current life experiences files.

Dr. Weiss starts this particular video by asking participants not to judge or analyze what arises, but to just experience it and reserve the analysis for later (my brain wasn’t a huge fan until it heard it could do as much analysis as it wanted to later on).

He also says it doesn’t really matter if the recollections are “real” or not. He encourages people to use their imaginations and creativity (my brain liked this suggestion very much). He says whatever comes up into our minds during the session is fine.

I didn’t expect anything at all to come up into my mind when I played that video for the first time.

But thus far, to my utter surprise, some part of me that must be very eager to participate in this way has always managed to produce something, be it dream or fantasy or actual memory or some combination thereof.

This is relevant because in his books, Dr. Weiss says that you can know the regression hypnosis therapy is helping you if you start to feel better after you do it.

By that I decided he meant that it doesn’t matter if it is real or not so long as it helps me.

As of today, right now, it seems to be helping me.

I should probably mention that I started this process around the same time Hurricane Harvey roared into my home city of Houston, TX, at the end of last month. This catastrophic storm was pretty much the most stressful possible thing, and yet somehow as I listened to Dr. Weiss’s video each morning, I managed to stay at a level of calm and clarity that surprised even me.

I wasn’t totally stressing out (I mean, I stressed out, but I was still functional). I felt some level of greater peace that extended out way past the edges of the floods and destruction and connected to a bigger picture than catastrophic hurricanes usually permit me to remember…and being in Houston, this is the third such major headline-making storm I’ve directly lived through.

So I have to say, I think there is really something to Dr. Weiss’s life work. I only ordered his most famous book because I thought it was about animals. After it arrived I avoided it for weeks. Then I read it and my life since then has begun to shift for the better in places where I’ve been stuck for not weeks or months but years. And all this happened before I began using his video as well.

Since I’ve begun using his video (and there are lots more detailed and lengthy videos where my short snippet came from), I have pretty much stopped worrying at all about whether any of this is “real.” I don’t really care. After all, there is no real way to “prove” one of my memories or recollections is actually from a bonafide past life. And even if it was possible to prove it, it’s not like I could go back for a do-over.

But Dr. Weiss’s point in all this work he continues to do seems to be that we get our do-over NOW. We can heal NOW. We can learn NOW. We can evolve NOW.

And I am all about anything I can do NOW to feel better, live better, be better.

I just thought I would mention it in case any of you are interested in learning more about Dr. Weiss’s unique work too!

Today’s Takeaway: I don’t know about you, but I have done some pretty “out there” things in this lifetime, many of them in service to trying to recover from a serious eating disorder. I’ve had all kinds of therapies….traditional and very-not traditional. Some have worked and most have not, at least from what I could sense at that time. But this therapy I like, even though I’m not sure why I like it and most of my logical left brain still disagrees with the rest of me about liking it. Also, when I like something I usually want to share it. So if you do decide to read Dr. Weiss’s book or try the videos out, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Potent Healing from an Unexpected Place

Shannon Cutts

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