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You Are More Important Than Your To-Do List

One of Energy's many in-casa helpers issues a timely reminder about the value of rest....
One of Energy’s many in-casa helpers issues a timely reminder about the value of rest….

To be honest, I’ve always kind of wondered why people talk so much about not having enough time.

I have always had plenty of time. Time is never the issue.

But finding enough energy….well, for me at least, that is a big issue indeed.

Here is how a typical “day in my life” tends to go:

  • I start my mornings with sleep and then a nice meditation.
  • When I am done (whenever that may be) I get out of bed and start my day.
  • Since I have pets, this means taking care of them – feeding, habitat cleaning, bathing….
  • Then I take care of me.
  • And then I work to earn rent money.

Sometimes my work hours are very productive and sometimes they are not so productive. But either way, when they end, I am tired. Often exhausted.

And this is the time when I can do fill-in-the-blanks…dig into a new creative project, read, hang out with a friend, offer help to others, organize my closet….whatever it is that I’ve been waiting to do for whenever I had the time to do it.

Of course, now I’m wiped out. So do I do these things? 

Or do I collapse on my comfy sofa and watch another round of (seemingly tireless) folks out rescuing sea turtles or people or the planet or whatever happens to need rescuing that day?

It really depends. I just have to play it by ear.

Because it is not about whether I have the time. I always have the time. Any amount of extra time I ever need is always hiding out in plain sight in the 10 or so hours I spend sleeping and meditating nearly every day.

Rather, whether I “do something” with that time or zonk out on the couch yet again is about where my energy level is on any given day.

If I have energy left over, I use it. If I don’t, it is time to rest and let my energy replenish itself.

In this way, and difficult as it may be to accept sometimes, energy is a mentor that always tells me the truth.

Energy’s role in my life is to continually remind me that I matter – more than any item on my to-do list, more than rent money, more than the next creative project, more than volunteer work, more than anything.

Today’s Takeaway: Do you have a mentor in your life that helps you remember you are more important – your health, your sanity, your rest – than any to-do list? How do you receive reminders? Do they help you find more balance in your life?

You Are More Important Than Your To-Do List

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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