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Can’t We All Just Get Along (on Mars)?

Over the last year or two I’ve become most intrigued by news of NASA’s plans for an upcoming mission to Mars.

I still remember the first time I ever saw a reference to visiting Mars in the news. At first I thought it was the review of a new movie….or maybe a joke op ed piece.

In fact, I even remember thinking, “Oh yah, right – sure we’re planning to go to Mars.”

Then I kept reading and it slowly dawned on me that the writer was serious. And their intel appeared to be good.

One possible version of NASA's plan to reach Mars.
One possible version of NASA’s plan to reach Mars.

Since then, here and there I’ve continued to keep an ear to the ground for new news, which lately has been popping up everywhere.

The latest? NASA just got a budgetary bonus along with some fairly unambiguous marching orders about producing a prototype habitation device for human deep space travel.


But I’ve certainly never entertained the thought of vying for a spot on the team roster.

To be honest, I get queasy unless I ride in the front seat of the car. And I really like my personal space. Plus if my parrot and my baby tortoise can’t come with me, I’m not going either.

So this week I’ve been asking myself, “Just what is it about this Mars thing that’s got you so riveted?”

Then a Facebook friend shared this article.

As I read the four astronauts’ comments on why they want to be astronauts and why they hope to be included in the initial Mars manned mission, it hit me. 

At this stage, with so much news of war and terror and hatred and horror, sometimes it feels like a global project for the greater good is perhaps our last resort for finding a way to live here on Earth together more peacefully as well.

Maybe space is just the mentor we need to keep us all from offing each other.

Or, as Astronaut Ann McClain shared:

With so much conflict in the world, space exploration can be a beacon of hope. No one cares about race or religion or nationality in space travel. We’re all just part of Team Human.

Also, from space, you can’t see borders. What you see is this lonely planet. Here we all are on it, so angry at one another. I wish more people could step back and see how small Earth is and how reliant we are on one another.

Beautiful. And I really, really, REALLY hope she is right, and it works!

Us. Mars. Hope doesn't seem so far away looking at this!
Us. Mars. Hope doesn’t seem so far away looking at this!

Today’s Takeaway: Do you ever feel fear or despair at the thought of this small, crowded planet we all depend on and all the conflict that seems to increasingly divide us here? Do you think that perhaps space itself offers us a new chance to come together – or maybe even a fresh start? If not space, what do you think might give us a positive change of heart when it comes to coexisting more peacefully with each other?

Can’t We All Just Get Along (on Mars)?

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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