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The GPS Coordinates of “Faith”

In my last post, I shared my New Year’s intention to “have faith.”

Setting the intention itself went fairly well, I thought.

So perhaps I was feeling a touch over-optimistic about how smoothly the rest of the process might go.

That ended this morning, when my very first meditation around the phrase “have faith” quickly devolved into a vigorous inner argument.

“Let’s meditate on ‘have faith,'” I suggested to my mind.

In what….?” my mind replied.

“Just have faith.”

“But in WHAT?”


Needless to say, this wasn’t going well. 

2 minutes into the meditation and the only justification I could muster up basically amounted to “because I said so, that’s why!”

And this is when I felt it.

I felt something deeper than the argument, deeper than my determination to have some faith, whatever that was, and deeper than my mind’s insistence on knowing what it was supposed to have faith in before having any of it.

I felt – or heard – or somehow sensed a deeper wisdom.

This wisdom wasn’t interested in getting involved in the debate. It didn’t need to, because it knew something my mind and I did not.

It knew the exact GPS coordinates of “faith.”

This wisdom was trying to express the essence, the presence, the truth of faith – that it just IS, that we could find it located precisely in the intersection between each of our questions: “have faith in what?” and “because I said so.”

That is where faith hangs out.

And it may even be turn out to be the essence of faith itself.

Today’s Takeaway: What is your relationship with the statement “have faith?” Is this something that comes easy to you? How does your mind feel about the phrase? Do you ever find your head and your heart arguing over the relevance or verifiability of setting such a goal? When you experience having faith, what does it feel like?

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The GPS Coordinates of “Faith”

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