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Unexplained Powers of Our Pets

Dogs-That-KnowI really like to read books about animals, and especially about pets.

Frequently, one book leads to another and then another.

Recently, this led me to Rupert Sheldrake, PhD’s book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home (and other unexplained powers of animals).

If you, like me, have ever wondered if your pet (dog, cat, parrot, tortoise, ferret, et al) is holding out on you, this is the book you need to read.

Obviously, Dr. Sheldrake wouldn’t have written 300+ pages on the topic if there weren’t something to write about.

But what he writes about РOh. my. goodness. 

I never once doubted a single story I read, but the stories very frequently blew my mind just the same.

Pets that find their way back home from thousands of miles away, even though they’ve never been over that terrain before?

Pets that navigate effortlessly to join their owner in military combat, on trips, even at gravesites?

Pets that warn their people about dangers on the road ahead (avalanches, precipices, storms)?

Pets that know when their owner is dying, leaving, and coming home again – at the moment the event occurs?

Pets that predict natural disasters – or at least attempt to flee from them (sometimes a week or more in advance!)?

Pets that keep their owners safe from seizures, traffic accidents, hypoglycemic attacks, fainting, kidney pain and even cancer.

Pets that know who is calling, or who is at the door, before their owners do?

And these are just the phenomena we know about.

Dr. Sheldrake was kind enough to write it all down in his book – what we do know to date based on experiments, anecdotes (stories) and real life experiences from contributors all around the world.

But, as he continually reminds us, there is likely much more that remains unknown.

As well, since we share a great deal of DNA with all of the other life forms on this planet, what do these abilities in our pets say about our own potential?

Are we really just a body and a mind – or is there more?

Could our pets be trying to remind us – to mentor us – in the wider experiences of life that are still available to us, if only we would let them in?

How come we are often right when we try to guess who just texted us? Why do so many of us seem to be able to sense when we’re being stared at – even when our backs are turned?

I, for one, would like to think that if my pet parrot can tell when I’m upset, my pet tortoise can sense a storm coming, or my pet puppy knows in advance when he is going to the dreaded V.E.T., that I just might have it in me to do the amazing same.

Today’s Takeaway: Have you read Dr. Sheldrake’s book? If so, what do you think? Have you ever had experiences you can’t quite explain but you know are real and authentic nonetheless? Have any of those experiences involved your pets?

Unexplained Powers of Our Pets

Shannon Cutts

Freelance writer. Author. Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise & box turtle mama.

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