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If People Were Parrots (a Meditation)

My beautiful 14-year old parrot, Pearl.
My beautiful 14-year old parrot, Pearl, who is never on my “most annoying” list.

Yesterday wasn’t such an awesome day in my world.

When less-awesome days happen to me, I often try to cheer myself up by making lists of the things that annoy me most.

Usually “bugs” are at the top of my list. Often “forms” (such as the kind you have to fill out for the IRS) are right up there with the insects.

But yesterday, the number one slot was occupied by “people.”

In other words, I had just had it.

Even biting red ants and buzzing mosquitos ranked higher than my own species.

And then, as I attempted to relax into sleep last night, all of a sudden a question popped into my mind.

What if I woke up tomorrow and all people were suddenly turned into parrots? 

This is significant, of course, because parrots never ever make my “most annoying” list.

Parrots are also the cutest life form ever created (except for perhaps tortoises…one in particular).

Also, I have cohabitated with parrots for no less than 37 of my (nearly) 45 years to date. So I am pretty darned (100 percent) sure they are the best companions ever.

So….once I started visualizing all people as parrots, my mood shifted right away.

I became happier….calmer….and much more charitable in my thinking.

Instead of irritating chatter, I heard sweet chirping.

Instead of clomping and stomping, I heard the flutter of soft feathery wings whispering through the air.

The simplicity of the life going on all around me – eating, preening, napping, building nests, making eggs, roosting on eggs, taking care of downy baby chicks – swept all the senseless and complex stress out of my head and replaced it with pure priorities.

I saw the goodness in each parrot….I mean person….effortlessly.

It was a beautiful experience.

Unfortunately it didn’t last.

My phone rang and there was an irritating featherless telemarketer on the other end.

Then I went to the mailbox only to discover the IRS sent me a nastygram (and the paper it was printed on didn’t have a single chew mark…so no parrots there either).

Luckily, I always have my fall-back parrot….my 14-year old soulmate, Pearl, who is so feathery and cute he can turn even the worst day into something wonderful.

Today’s Takeaway: When you have a rough day and it comes to the end, where do you find solace and comfort? What helps you find humor and innocence in life again and bring back your smile? Is it a pet? A sunrise? A bit of good news? A hug? All of the above or something else entirely?


If People Were Parrots (a Meditation)

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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