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How to Join the Peace AND Prosperity Club

When you read today’s post title, you probably thought to yourself, “That sounds great – sign me up for that club!”

And I agree – I’d like to join too!

But here’s the thing – at least in my own journey to date.

I can remember back to when I had plenty of prosperity (like in my first white collar job).

But at that time, I had no peace.

So I couldn’t join the club.

Now, I can say I have more peace than I ever expected to have – in fact, I have so much peace now that even on true anxiety-producing days, I can usually find my way through it and back to the peace.

But the prosperity….where is it?

So I still can’t join the club.

So now my new goal is to acquire plenty of both so they will finally let me in.

To clarify – here when I use the word “prosperity” I am specifically referring to my bank balance. I do have much prosperity in other areas of my life, including family, friends, pets, creativity, and overall quality of life – so much so that my poor bank balance often feels like it drew the short straw – why so much prosperity in other areas and none for it?

Just a few days ago I blogged about one of my new favorite films in a post called “Cutie and the Boxer Teach Me About Love.”

I could see this struggle in their lives as well. For the word “peace,” I might substitute “love,” because they clearly have lots and lots of that.

But there is still worry about rent money.

There is still a clear and easily recognizable divide between the prosperity of public acclaim, praise, and even adulation, and a return on that investment into their bank account to help them live without the peace-annihilating anxiety of how to pay rent.

If I were an especially cynical sort (I have my moments, but this is not one of them) I might be tempted to refer back to that tired old cliche, “you can’t live on love.”

Or peace for that matter.

But I don’t believe that.

So instead, I just keep thinking there is something I’ve missed.

Like maybe there is something oh-so-obvious to everyone but me – some kind of secret handshake or black light tattoo I’m supposed to get that lets the other members of the “Peace AND Prosperity Club” know it is okay to let me in.

And to further clarify – this post is not to introduce answers, but to ask questions.

Here is how it all started.

A couple of months ago I read a statement issued by the President of Nepal shortly after the devastating earthquake.

He said something to the effect that the funding required to rebuild would take a massive international effort – because the funds just weren’t there (and I paraphrase).

I read his words and thought, “Even at a global level, it seems there is never enough cash. There is never enough financial prosperity. There is that lack. Everyone needs more.”

So in a way, I realized part of my own sense of lack might be mental – a shared mentality of “I don’t have enough” that spans the globe and is awfully hard to un-learn and un-believe.

Part of my lack might be simple geography – I live in a country with one of the highest (re: priciest) standards of living in the world, and so it doesn’t really matter if I’m richer than everyone in the whole country of India put together because I don’t live in India. I live here.

And part of my lack might be that secret handshake/missing tattoo – as in, it is simply part of my learning curve and my personal journey that (as my mentor often likes to say) “is yet to be revealed.”

All I can say is – I hope hope hope it is revealed soon!

Today’s Takeaway: Have you found a workable balance between “enough” peace and “enough” prosperity – financially and in other areas of your life? If so, what has worked for you?

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How to Join the Peace AND Prosperity Club

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