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Your Way IS the “Right Way”

My 1 year-old tortoise, Malti, is the most stubborn and determined being I know. "Her way" is to not stop pursuing what she wants - ever. I respect that.
My 1 year-old tortoise, Malti, is the most stubborn and determined being I know. “Her way” is to not stop pursuing what she wants – ever. I respect that.

For so so so SO many years, I kept looking for the “right way.”

I wanted to know the precise “how to guide” to achieve whatever goal I was pursuing at that moment.

I wanted “the” steps – the ones that actual successful folks followed (an important distinction since at the time I didn’t include myself in that particular group).

I never found that how to guide or those steps.

No matter how wide I cast my questioning net, or how long and loudly I asked, no one ever walked up to me and handed me the secret manual to successful living – the one I was sure everyone but me had already received.

Today, I know this is because there is no secret manual – at least not one that applies to everyone.

There is only my secret manual – my way. 

My way is the way that is unique to me and my life. It is “secret” because it will only work for me – no one else can use it.

It works for me because it is the way I need to do things to learn, to grow, to evolve, to unfold, to love, to live successfully as “me.”

It is “my way”…..the “way of me.”

I now know beyond any shadow of doubt that my way IS the right way for me.

I also know it is the ONLY way for me.

Knowing this keeps me humble and reluctant to give advice – unsolicited or otherwise – to others….or myself.

Knowing this keeps me open and receptive to learn, and eager to stay a student for as long as I can.

Feeling the power of “my way” at work in my life, I no longer wish I was someone else, living someone else’s life, doing things someone else’s way.

Instead, I seek out my own unique way, allowing it to guide and unfold me from within, revealing myself to me in a way I never thought possible.

As this seeking continues, I realize that just as I have a right way for me, you have a right way for you.

Your way IS the right way….truly, it IS.

Today’s Takeaway: Do you find yourself still seeking a set of steps, guidelines, or rules for how to do things – or how to live? Do you often feel the struggle to pull your mind away from your past mistakes and back into your present day life? What do you think might help you begin to accept and embrace your own unique way of doing things, of connecting with yourself and others, of living life?

p.s. This post is from the June edition of Good News for Recovery + Life, a free subscription-based ezine.

Your Way IS the “Right Way”

Shannon Cutts

Freelance writer. Author. Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise & box turtle mama.

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