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NOW is the Right Time (and You CAN Do It)

Every time I look in my baby tortoise’s eyes, I can feel our bond growing stronger. I’m so glad I didn’t wait to bring Malti home!! (this is her on her very first day home with us – she has grown 2.5″ in length since then!!)

Sometimes I look back with awe – and, frankly, horror – to remember all the years I spent “waiting.”

I was waiting to recover later (after the eating disorder had delivered on all of its [false] promises).

I was waiting until I had more friends, a better personality, more money, a boyfriend.

I used to go out shopping, buying clothes for a person I wasn’t who had a life I didn’t have.

I would think “Well, I’d better buy this bikini/party dress/lingerie set – just in case.”

Finally, one day I asked myself, “Just in case of WHAT?” 

Somehow, that particular day, something in me woke up and realized my life was happening – even right as I waited for it to happen!

In that moment, I realized two key truths:

  • My life is MINE to live – it can be any way I want it to be (no matter what others think or say).
  • My life is getting shorter each day, which means “now” is not just the right time, but the ONLY time, to live it!

And then I realized even more key truths:

  • NOW is the right time to recover – to dig in and give EVERYTHING of myself to it, to sweat and burn and dig and climb until nothing remains but “recovered me.”
  • NOW is the right time to love, to reach out, to take myself to the movies, to write that book, to start a nonprofit, to bring home a baby tortoise….
  • NOW is the right time to say “I’m sorry,” “I love you,” “I miss you.”
  • NOW is the right time to enjoy being me.

And then I realized one more key truth:

  • I won’t have “more” of what I need later to live successfully as “me” – so I must have everything I need to do that already, right now!

Having shared that, here are the 2 key truths I want to share with you this month: 

  • Now is the right time for you – to say and do whatever is on your mind and in your heart.
  • You have whatever you need – everything you need – right now.

I absolutely, positively, promise you do.

Today’s Takeaway: Will you trust me and JOIN me – in going for it (whatever your “it” is) right NOW? I hope you will!! 🙂

p.s. This post is from February’s free ezine, “Good News for Recovery + Life

NOW is the Right Time (and You CAN Do It)

Shannon Cutts

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