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A Pomegranate a Day for Patience

There they all are - fresh, delicious seeds - so close and yet so far away!
There they all are – fresh, delicious seeds – so close and yet so far away!

I adore pomegranate season.

Pomegranates are so juicy and tasty – like a sweet and a nut all in one.

What I do not love is de-seeding the pomegranates.

In short, it is crazy-making.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, finds peeling pomegranates relaxing.

He says it is like meditation.

(Obviously this works out to both our advantage – I buy, he peels, we both eat).

I love meditation and do it daily, so it is odd I don’t find the same quality in peeling fruit.

But truthfully, my “efficiency-oriented” brain always thinks it can improve the pomegranate de-seeding process.

I start peeling, and then a thought pops up. “Hey, look how easy that last group of seeds came off. What if you did the next section this way instead….”

Before I know it, I’m trying to outsmart the pomegranate, creating a faster, more streamlined approach to de-seeding.

This is about the same time the pomegranate pushes back. 

Where one pomegranate (or even one section of a particular pomegranate) may be easy to de-seed, the next will be more difficult.

Where one pomegranate is ripe and more soft, the next is an early pick with seeds determined to never, ever leave their white inner cocoons.

Of course, without even thinking a few years back, I decided to make acquiring more patience one of my life’s priorities (seeing as how I didn’t seem to have any at the time, and even now it still isn’t my best feature).

In response to my request, I am convinced whatever benevolent force wants us to become our best selves instilled in me a deep, undying love of pomegranate seeds.

They are just too intoxicatingly enticing – even worth tackling pomegranate de-seeding to get at them.

In fact, it would seem they are just the mentor I ordered to help my patience grow!

Today’s Takeaway: Is there any task or person or activity you must do often that reliably causes you to lose all your patience? What have you found that helps you cope (if anything?) Do you have any particular approach that helps you prepare to do that thing/see that person that triggers a drop in your patience levels? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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A Pomegranate a Day for Patience

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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