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The Year of Living Intuitively

shutterstock_3193588So yesterday morning was New Year’s Day….my FAVORITE day of each new year.

Even though, technically, January 1 is just one day in a year full of days, for me, it always feels reliably fresh and special.

This particular New Year’s Day feels especially fresh and special because it ushers in some big changes in my life (more about that in my next post!)

To celebrate, I decided to sleep in and meditate for as long as I felt moved to do so – no rushing myself through it so I could rise and do “more important things.”

I’m so glad I did, because my New Year’s Intention was right there and waiting for me.

My meditation revealed that, for me, 2015 is “The Year of Living Intuitively.”

This makes perfect sense, because I am stepping out of some long-term career commitments and into new unknown beginnings.

I am also stepping forward, day by day, in my connection with myself and with my loved ones.

I have learned by intense trial-and-error that head-led living doesn’t work well for me in these kinds of situations (and by “head-led,” I mean trying to do sensible-sounding things like making a 5-year plan.)

What works well is living from my heart, my gut, my soul.

Don’t get me wrong – gut-level intuitive living is no less challenging than making plans and attempting to follow them….ha!

Either way, whichever path we choose, challenges are sure to follow.

Here are some recent examples I’m already experiencing:

  • Heeding an inner call to “wait” when everything in me is anxiously screaming to ACT and ACT NOW OR ELSE…..
  • Pushing forward to reach out and make a new connection when my “inner introvert” is kicking and screaming to stay back in the shadows….
  • Trust I will have enough funds to meet this month’s needs when this day’s bank balance clearly states otherwise….
  • Staying focused and open – to all options – even the ones that haven’t panned out, seem impossible, or simply bring up a rebellious “no way!” within me….

And I am sure I will learn about many more challenges as this year unfolds.

But truthfully, this is the kind of life I feel I was born to lead, and in that choice I also invite the challenges, knowing they are precisely the mentors I need to help me reach my goal.

Today’s Takeaway: Do you make New Year’s resolutions or intentions? If so, I’d love to hear what yours is for 2015 and why you chose it!

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The Year of Living Intuitively

Shannon Cutts

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