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RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams in one of my all-time fav flicks (image courtesy of IMDb)
Robin Williams in one of my all-time fav flicks (image courtesy of IMDb)

Well, shoot.

It is awfully hard to believe he is gone.

I am so very sad!!

In a recent Facebook post about his death, Williams’ friend, writer Anne Lamott, shared how sad she is, and also shared how she has always viewed laughter as “carbonated holiness.”

As a fellow depression sufferer, I too have found much-needed upliftment and release through laughter….and often through laughter at Williams’ antics.

He had that rarest of gifts – the vision to perceive exactly where the fine line lies when addressing serious subjects from a lighthearted perspective.

Two of my favorite Robin Williams movies are “Good Morning, Vietnam” and “Good Will Hunting.”

But my current reigning favorite is this six-minute interview clip from 2011.

In the clip, Williams speaks about his work, his life, his kids, his childhood and young adult years, his fame, his addiction, his recovery…..and his fear.

At one point the interviewer asks him what has driven his self-destructive side. He answers in a word: “Fear.”

When asked to elaborate on his fears, he states,

Fear of this business, fear of everything, the idea of being there and then not.

Ahhhh. Yes. I know those fears too. Perhaps we all do.

Near the end of the clip, now age 60, Williams is asked what advice he would give to his 30-year-old self. He doesn’t hesitate to say:

Enjoy. Don’t be running so fast. And that’s it. How much have you loved….that’s a simple question. How much have you loved doing what you do, or loved being with the people. If you can answer that question pretty positively, you’re doing okay. It’s a good life.

Yet somehow, in spite of so much overflowing wisdom, so many experiences, so much success, so very much insight, he is suddenly gone from this world.

Perhaps his parting – and maybe even most significant – gift to all of us is this:

No one who hears Robin’s story will ever take depression lightly, ever again.

For today, I am praying and hoping he is finally freed from fear – and drinking deeply of the “carbonated holiness” he so freely shared with all of us during his time here.

Today’s Takeaway: Do you have a favorite Robin Williams film, quote, or memory? What has his life meant to you?


RIP Robin Williams

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