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Are You Brave?

shutterstock_138136706The other day I cracked open a fortune cookie.

The fortune read:

Better face danger than be always in fear.

I nodded sagely….totally on board with this philosophy.

But looking at my own life, I can see how, time and time again, I still forget I am brave in the very moment a new danger appears.

For instance, I forget I overcame a deadly eating disorder.

I forget I bounced back from a music career-ending hand injury and reinvented myself – new career, new life, new dreams.

I forget I healed a not just broken but shattered relationship with my family (eating disorders have a way of causing this) and today we are closer than ever.

I forget I built a successful mentoring-based eating disorders nonprofit step by quaking step….a community which is still growing and going strong.

I forget I am even now successfully mothering both a 13-year old parrot and a hatchling tortoise – neither of whom I share a genus or species with – and both of whom are so very different than me.

I have so much proof I have the courage to face danger.

I have even more proof that when I do, I am quite likely to call its bluff successfully.

Yet in that moment when the new danger first shows itself, there I am again, so busy fleeing I forget I am brave.

Can you relate?

Are you brave?

Can you look back over your life – now, when perhaps you are not feeling fearful – and see the key moments when your own bravery won you the day?

Bookmark these moments.

Remember them.

The next time a stomping, glaring, smoke-snorting, fire-breathing, oh-so-pissed-off danger crosses your path, resolve to remember this.

You. are. brave.

Today’s Takeaway: Do you ever stop to ponder your own acts of bravery? Are you aware of your own courage? When you are facing some new danger or new fear, do you take time to reassure yourself with reminders of past triumphs? If you do, does it help? What helps you most to face the danger in your life so you can overcome your fear?

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Are You Brave?

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Songwriter. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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