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You Have Already Survived the Toughest Day of Your Life (so you can survive this too!)

Yes you did. I did. WE did.
Yes you did. I did. WE did.

Not that you asked, but my mom had me by c-section.

So – without even the courtesy of a minute to prepare – I was literally infant-jacked from my nice, warm, dark, solitary shelter and summarily thrust into the “real world.”

I know you will think I’m crazy (sometimes I can’t help but agree) but I still totally remember that day.

I remember the glaring high beam headlights, the unwarranted whack on my sensitive booty, that awful siren sound (which I now suspect was my own wailing), and one solitary repeating thought:

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Who signed me up for THIS?!?

Somehow I made it through that day….the day I still consider to be the most challenging, terrifying, incomprehensible day of my whole life.

I also made it through 5,475 later days (or approximately 15 years) of battling my eating disorder before I started to gain a toehold onto recovery.

And (more recently) I survived the first few days of my young tortoise’s life – but it was touch-and-go there for awhile for this new turtle mama.

I’ve survived breakups and makeups, the dissolution of dreams, friendships, and whole careers, a grueling six months in India (which included both the “hot season” and the “monsoon” season – whew!), an unexpected side trip to Serbia during the Gulf War Crisis (which is why you really want to make sure you get on the right train when you’re traveling)…..

I’ve survived a lot of very bad days.

I’ve also survived a lot of very good days. 

In fact, sometimes the good days can feel even harder to survive, because during those days I’m very busy doing battle with my own disbelief that a) I’m actually having a ‘good day,’ b) I will ever have another good day after this one, c) this good day isn’t really just a “bad day” in disguise.

All that to say – you’ve already survived your very worst day – the most jarring, unnerving, precarious, scary day you will ever have.

Which means you absolutely CAN and WILL survive this one.

It also means you have SO MUCH more strength and courage than you give yourself credit for.

I do too.

We truly do.

To date, we have both broken our own respective individual records for “most consecutive days lived.”

Go us!!!!!!

Today’s Takeaway: What do you do when you have a really – I mean a REALLY – bad day? How do you get through it? What helps/ consoles/ fortifies you to take that next forward step, and then another? Do you ever give yourself credit where credit is due? If not, why? If so, how?

p.s. This post is from the June edition of “Good News”

You Have Already Survived the Toughest Day of Your Life (so you can survive this too!)

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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