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Why I Want to Become a Singing Nun

I am not always (ever) the first to catch on to new trending news.

For example, let’s take the 25 year-old singing Italian nun, Sister Cristina.

Sister Cristina sings the Alicia Keys hit, "No One," on Italy's "The Voice."
Sister Cristina sings the Alicia Keys hit, “No One,” on Italy’s “The Voice.”

I discovered the video on You Tube last week….after about 31 million others had already discovered it (a number that I have since discovered includes every single person I know who has an internet connection, and also some who do not).

But since my life motto is “better late than never” I still sent it out to everyone in my list group – just in case.

It is just that good. And I don’t mean just the singing (which of course is awesome).

But it is her presentation – her life – her authenticity – that continues sinking into all the sore, bruised, broken places in my heart and spirit, bolstering me for daily life yet to come, reminding me that there are no “impossibles” in this life.

There are only “possibles” we haven’t tried yet.

When the blond judge asked Sister Cristina why she auditioned, her answer was simple and instantaneous:

I have a gift and I am giving it to you. Shouldn’t things be this way?

When the first two judges turned around, the rejoicing of her fellow “sisters” backstage was palpable and pure.

And when she sang…..the joy burst out of her, so simple and sincere, no posturing, no posing, no hiding, no self-deprecation, no false pride.

My mentor tells me there was a similar singing nun who was a sensation right around the time I was born (back in 1970). I looked it up, and Wikipedia informed me that her nickname was “Sister Smile” and she topped the worldwide Billboard charts in 11 countries with a hit song named “Dominique.”


It reminds me of something my meditation teacher often reminds us (and I paraphrase) – “when the time is right, and the need is great, help and inspiration is always right on time.”

Today’s Takeaway: Have you ever had a moment when inspiration crossed your path right when you needed it – only you didn’t know you needed it until it showed up? Are there any as-yet-unrealized “possibles” in your life that you may have mis-labeled as “impossibles?”

Why I Want to Become a Singing Nun

Shannon Cutts

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